Where is Yurakucho station SMT Nocturne?

Where is Yurakucho station SMT Nocturne?

Where is Yurakucho station SMT Nocturne?

Profile. The Yurakucho Tunnel is traversed by the Demi-fiend after the fall of Mifunashiro and the awakening of Baal Avatar. It lies to the northwest of Ginza, but must be reached by following the roads to the east and doubling back across the Rainbow Bridge, then heading north past the Tokyo Tower.

How do you get to Yurakucho SMT Nocturne?

Exit Ginza to go on the Overworld. Make your way Southeast and cross the bridges. Follow the long highway. Head Northwest past the radio tower, and then head all the way North to Yurakucho station.

How do I get to the obelisk in Nocturne?

From Marunouchi Entrance, go to the West exit and leave the area. An S-Terminal is located at the North door. On the Overworld, proceed South, traversing Hibiya and Chiyoda. Go through the walkway entrance and head straight to the Obelisk.

Where is yushima station Nocturne?

We find Yushima Station at the very southwestern end of the area.

Where can I find bishamon Nocturne?

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Bishamonten appears as an optional boss twice, first at the Northern Temple northwest of Asakusa, and second in the Bandou Shrine.

How do I get to Asakusa tunnel SMT 3?

On the Overworld, head down South and cross the bridge. Keep going South and enter Yushima Station to gain access to Asakusa Tunnel. Turn left and go through the ticketing barrier gates. Climb down the stairs to get to the platform.

Is bishamon a real God?

Bishamon, also called Bishamonten, in Japanese mythology, one of the Shichi-fuku-jin (“Seven Gods of Luck”). He is identified with the Buddhist guardian of the north, known as Kubera, or Vaiśravaṇa. Bishamon is always depicted as dressed in full armour, carrying a spear and a miniature pagoda.

Where do I fight Bishamonten Nocturne?

2nd Pillar from the Top in Bandou Shrine There will be 4 pillars on different levels in Bandou Shrine. Players will fight Bishamonten if they lower the 2nd Pillar from the Top.