Where is the sural nerve located?

Where is the sural nerve located?

Where is the sural nerve located?

The nerve is located near the midline in the lower leg and travels behind the lateral malleolus to innervate the foot. The sural nerve supplies sensation to the posterolateral aspect of the calf and the lateral aspect of the foot.

Where does the sural nerve come from?

The sural nerve has its origins within the sciatic nerve, coming from terminal branches of the tibial and common fibular nerves.

Is sural nerve in popliteal fossa?

The sural nerve is a purely cutaneous nerve formed by variable contributions from the tibial and peroneal nerve in the popliteal fossa. It typically begins as the medial sural cutaneous nerve formed by the tibial nerve that travels between the two heads of the gastrocnemius muscle.

What is the sural nerve in the foot?

The sural nerve is a sensory nerve of the lower limb that supplies the lower posterolateral part of the leg and lateral part of the dorsum of the foot. It is generally described as a sensory nerve but may contain motor fibres (discussed later in this article)(14-16).

Is the sural nerve sensory or motor?

purely sensory
The sural nerve is purely sensory and it supplies sensation to the lower lateral leg, lateral heel, ankle and dorsal lateral foot.

Is sural nerve sensory or motor?

What compartment is the sural nerve?

posterior compartment
The sural nerve (S1, S2) is a peripheral nerve that arises in the posterior compartment of the leg (calf or sural region). It is formed by the union of two smaller sensory nerves: the medial sural cutaneous nerve (a branch of the tibial nerve), and lateral sural cutaneous nerve (branch of the common fibular nerve).

Where does sural nerve cross fibula?

The sural nerve was located at an average of 7p5mm posterior to lateral malleolus. The only place where the sural nerve contacted the posterior border of the lateral malleolus was at the level of its most posterior aspect where usually no retraction is necessary during surgery.

What does the sural nerve control?

Your sural nerve is just below your skin’s surface in the back of your lower leg (calf). It enables you to detect foot position and sensations, including touch, temperature and pain.