Where is the Stonefalls treasure map?

Where is the Stonefalls treasure map?

Where is the Stonefalls treasure map?

You can find Stonefalls Treasure Map I at: Southeast part of Stonefalls (79×57) East from Othrenis Wayshrine down a river of lava, head NE following the road past two obelisks. Leave the road after the second one and head past a mushroom tree on your left, going to a tall “dead” tree in front of a lava bed.

How do you get to Deshaan from Stonefalls?

Dandrii Dran’s cousin in Stonefalls asks you to give her a letter. Dandrii is in Deshaan. To get to Deshaan, head towards the Varanis Dolmen. The entrance to Deshaan is along the path, past Magmaflow Overlook and in the gigantic wall separating the two zones.

How do I get to the zone guide ESO?

The Zone Guide itself is sleek, and can be accessed by the Group & Activity window by pressing J on the PC. It brings up a window showing you various achievements in the zone, a list of items to find, story quest progress, dark anchors and your current progress in the zone.

How do I get to Shadowfen from Stonefalls?

Comments. Shadowfen is south from Deshaan, if you go to he town of Mournhold, go south out of the town til you hit your first road, follow it west til you find a road that heads south, follow that and you will be in shadowfen.

Where is Deshaan eso?

Deshaan is the southern zone of Morrowind in The Elder Scrolls Online bordering Shadowfen in Black Marsh as well as Stonefalls to the north. Its fertile, ash-enriched plains surround the Tribunal Temple, the center of Dunmeri culture.

Does it matter where you start in ESO?

Each playable race has a starting zone that introduces their history and stories, but you can always pick your favorite zone and start there instead. Since everything levels with you, you can pretty much start wherever you want (though we don’t recommend starting in DLC zones for the sake of ease and convenience).

What is Zone guide in eso?

The Zone Guide is a system that was added in Update 21 which lists achievements and other activities for each zone, showing you things you have yet to achieve in that zone. It appears under the Group & Activity Finder, but can also be reached via the map screen.

What are zone stories in eso?

Story Quests are the quests that form the main storyline of a zone. As of Update 21, all of a zone’s non-missable story quests are listed in the Zone Story section of the Zone Guide. Any quest that is not part of the Zone Story is considered a Side Quest.