Where is The Professor from AND1?

Where is The Professor from AND1?

Where is The Professor from AND1?

Keizer, Oregon
Grayson “The Professor” Boucher was born and raised in Keizer, Oregon. His dad introduced him to the game of basketball at 2 years old and he quickly found his passion for the game in 4th grade.

When did The Professor join AND1?

Grayson Boucher joined AND1 in 2003 during their “Survivor” contest. His streetball reputation grew to legendary heights after hitting a game-winner at Madison Square Garden during the 2003 Tour.

Why is Grayson Boucher called The Professor?

It’s not every day you see a basketball player earn an academic nickname, but it wasn’t because of something that happened in the classroom. “The way I looked at the time, because I kind of looked like a college professor would—a nerdy white guy. The game, the way I looked, it all weighed into it.”

How old is The Professor from AND1 Mixtape?

Grayson “The Professor” Scott Boucher (born June 10, 1984) is an American streetball player, actor, and former professional basketball player. He is most known for playing on the highly stylized, international AND1 Mixtape Tour; he has also appeared in several movies, most notably Ball Don’t Lie.

Where is Dakota Gonzalez from?

Overland Park, Kan
Born on Dec. 9, 1994, in Overland Park, Kan. Daughter of David and Angela Gonzalez Mother played basketball in Kansas and professionaly in Kansas …

Where is The Professor basketball player from?

Keizer, ORGrayson Boucher / Place of birth

What is the age of professor in money heist?

Born on February 23, 1975, Álvaro Morte turns 46. Here are some lesser-known facts about the ‘Money Heist’ star. Álvaro Antonio García Pérez, aka The Professor was born on February 23, 1975 in Algeciras, Spain.

How old is hot sauce from and1?

In 2006, he played a role in the movie Crossover….Philip Champion.

Personal information
Nickname(s) Hot Sauce
Born June 13, 1976 Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Sport Streetball

How old is Grayson The Professor?

38 years (June 10, 1984)Grayson Boucher / Age

How old is hot sauce from AND1?