Where is the party in Limerick?

Where is the party in Limerick?

Where is the party in Limerick?

These places are best for nightlife in Limerick:

  • Dolan’s Pub.
  • Flannerys Bar.
  • Mother Macs Public House.
  • Jerry Flannery’s Bar.
  • The Red Hen.

Where can I watch football in Limerick?


  • The Woolshed Baa & Grill. Cork.
  • The Dáil Bar. Galway.
  • Abercorn Bar. Londonderry.
  • The Curragower. Limerick.
  • South’s Pub. Limerick.
  • The Old Quarter. Limerick.
  • The Top House. Limerick.

What is there to do in Limerick at night?

We’ve got you covered!

  • Try an evening kayak tour along the River Shannon.
  • Grab your friends and try beat the clock at Escape Limerick.
  • Get yourself dressed up and head to the races.
  • Limerick has a wide variety of theatre productions to immerse yourself in!
  • Why not head to a roller disco!

How many pubs are there in Limerick city?

Cork – the county with the largest number of pubs at 915 – has one for every 593 inhabitants. Limerick has 547 people for every pub and Galway 541.

What is Limerick Ireland known for?

Limerick is the third largest city and one of the oldest in Ireland. It’s a vibrant, exciting city, lying on the River Shannon and home to many historic landmarks such as King John’s Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral.

Which town in Ireland has the most pubs?

Taking the top spot is the town of Feakle in County Clare, which is home to an incredible 16.1 people per pub. Now you know where to go for a quiet pint! With a tiny population of just 113, Feakle has a total of seven pubs, making it the town in Ireland with the most number of pubs per person.

Is limerick rough?

OVERALL RISK : LOW. In general, Limerick is quite safe, but you should be afraid of minor thefts. Do not get drunk in bars; watch your things. Do not talk to outsiders who distract you or beg.

Is limerick still Stab city?

Re: Is Limerick still being called to the ‘Stab City’??? Limerick is fine. Like any large urban area there will be problems. But the problems are generally limited to certain areas, which as Gael Flyer has stated, most students don’t ever go near.