Where is the crack-in-the-ground in Oregon?

Where is the crack-in-the-ground in Oregon?

Where is the crack-in-the-ground in Oregon?

A unique geological wonder, Crack-In-The-Ground is located 8 miles north of the town of Christmas Valley. A formation of the volcanic origin, two parallel cliffs stretch roughly for 2 miles and reach up to 70 feet depth at some places. The average width between walls of the cliffs is 10 feet.

What caused crack-in-the-ground Oregon?

The crack is the result of a tension fracture along a hingeline produced by the draping of Green Mountain lava flows over the edge of upthrown side of the concealed fault zone. The fissure is located at the southwest corner of Four Craters Lava Field.

How deep is crack-in-the-ground?

70 feet deep
Crack-in-the-Ground is an ancient volcanic fissure over 2 miles long and up to 70 feet deep. Normally, fissures like this one are filled with soil and rock by the processes of erosion and sedimentation.

How long is crack-in-the-ground Oregon?

two miles long
The crack is actually an ancient volcanic fissure that measures two miles long, 15 feet wide and up to 70 feet deep. It’s found in a remote stretch of central Oregon, at the edge of a dark lava field marked by four cratered cinder cones.

Why is it called Christmas Valley Oregon?

Christmas Valley takes its name from the nearby dry lake bed, Christmas Lake. And Christmas Lake is actually a corruption of Christman (or Christman’s) Lake, after a 19th-century cattleman named Peter Chrisman, often spelled Christman, who was neither Santa Claus nor the baby Jesus.

How deep is Hole-in-the-Ground Oregon?

400 feet deep
Hole-in-the-Ground is about a mile wide and 400 feet deep. One trail encircles the crater and two others plunge down into the center of the hole. Although it looks strikingly similar to a meteor impact crater, it is one of many signs of the area’s rich volcanic history.

What is a huge crack in the ground called?

fissure. noun. a long deep crack in something, especially the ground.

How was crack in the ground formed?

‘Crack in the Ground’ is a volcanic fissure that was formed about a thousand years ago, as lava flows fractured the Fort Rock Basin. The disjointed crack is over 2 miles long and approximately 70 feet deep.

Where was crack in the world filmed?

Crack in the World is a 1965 American science-fiction doomsday disaster movie filmed in Spain. It is about scientists who launch a nuclear missile into the Earth’s crust, to release the geothermal energy of the magma below; but accidentally unleash a cataclysmic destruction that threatens to sever the earth in two.

Is Christmas Valley Oregon Safe?

Christmas Valley (zip 97641) property crime is 36.3. (The US average is 35.4) NOTE: The city of Christmas Valley, Oregon does not have FBI Crime Statistics. The closest similar sized city with FBI crime data is the city of , .

How cold does it get in Christmas Valley Oregon?

The coldest month in Christmas Valley is December, with an average high-temperature of 34.5°F (1.4°C) and an average low-temperature of 23.7°F (-4.6°C).

Is crack in the ground open year round?

Open Season Crack-in-the-Ground is open YEAR ROUND. Trail Difficulty is moderate, with a 70’ elevation gain and sand and rock surface. Universal Access Restroom available. No Drinking Water available. Trail Open to foot travel only. Motor Vehicles, Mountain Bikes, and Equestrians are PROHIBITED.

What can you do with a crack in the ground?

A trail along the fissure’s bottom allows for visitors to hike the crack’s length – and cool off, due to a temperature up to twenty degrees lower than the surface. Accessible restroom.

How far is crack in the ground from the restaurant?

We always visit Crack in the Ground when we’re having dinner at The Cowboy Dinner Tree. It’s about 45 minutes from the restaurant, and a fun hike when you’re in the area. The hike is not too difficult, we took kids as young as 3 and they did fine with mom’s help.