Where is the best place to sit at the Savoy Theatre?

Where is the best place to sit at the Savoy Theatre?

Where is the best place to sit at the Savoy Theatre?

Sit in the mid-front of the Stalls, just before the overhang begins, for the best overall view of the stage. Sitting in the Dress Circle also provides some excellent views for large-scale musicals. The Savoy Theatre stage is fairly deep, allowing for action to be seen from quite far back in the auditorium.

Does the Savoy Theatre have a dress code?

There is no official dress code at the Savoy Theatre, many theatregoers however choose to wear what they feel most comfortable in as well as what they deem appropriate for the occasion.

Can you take food into the Savoy Theatre?

Food & Drink: Light snacks such as confectionery and crisps are allowed within the auditorium, however hot food is prohibited. Drinks can be brought into the auditorium however, as there is a strict no glass policy, all drinks must be in plastic cups, which will be available at the bar.

What is the grand circle at the Savoy Theatre?

The highest section of the Savoy Theatre, the Grand Circle is located above the Dress Circle and offers some great views of the stage.

How long is pretty woman musical?

approximately 2 hours 30 minutes
Pretty Woman: The Musical show running time is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes with one interval.

Which seats are in the Savoy Theatre?

1,158Savoy Theatre / Capacity

Can you wear trainers to the Savoy Theatre?

Can You Wear Trainers To The Savoy Theatre? There is nothing to it. There is no standard dress code for women, whether it is a casual t-shirt, jeans and trainers, or a tuxedo. The theatre is a special place, even if you don’t have to wear a particular outfit.

What does safety rail in view mean Theatre?

A safety rail means that the front row is marked as restricted, although this does not prove to be a significant distraction. Legroom is very limited in this section. The rear Upper Circle is hugely affected by a safety rail in front of Row F and is also extremely steep, with narrow and cramped seats.

Who is in Pretty Woman at the Savoy?

Cast is completed by Jemma Alexander, Andy Barke, Kimberly Blake, Katie Bradley, Oliver Brenin, Olivia Brookes, Alex Charles, Olly Christopher, Ben Darcy, Hannah Ducharme, Nicholas Duncan, Paige Fenlon, Damon Gould, Alex Hammond, Tom Andrew Hargreaves, Antony Hewitt, Matt Jones, Serina Mathew, Katie Monks, Joanna …

What is the restricted view at the Savoy Theatre?

Please note that rows F&G are considered to have a restricted view of the stage. The last four rows in the Stalls are within this price category as they are slightly affected by the Dress Circle overhang.

Can I take water into the Savoy theatre?

No problem with your own water and you could take sweets etc in, no hot food or sandwiches or anything like that. Enjoy the show! over a year ago.