Where is Southern Cross Austereo based?

Where is Southern Cross Austereo based?

Where is Southern Cross Austereo based?

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Southern Cross Austereo

Type Public Subsidiary
Founded July 2011
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Parent Southern Cross Media Group
Website southerncrossaustereo.com.au

Who owns Southern Cross Austereo?

Southern Cross Media GroupSouthern Cross Austereo / Parent organizationSouthern Cross Media Group is one of Australia’s major media companies, as the parent company of Southern Cross Austereo. Its headquarters are in South Melbourne. Wikipedia

What is SCA network?

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) is one of Australia’s leading media companies reaching more than 95% of the Australian population through its radio, television, and digital assets. Under the Triple M and Hit network brands, SCA owns 99 stations across FM, AM, and DAB+ radio.

What time does Southern Cross News start?

From Monday, 4 February 2019, the Nightly News will be broadcast from 6:30pm weeknights on the main 7 Spencer Gulf channel. With local journalists based in key centres in the Spencer Gulf licence area, SCA will present the Nightly News on 7 Spencer Gulf from its television news hub in Hobart.

Who owns Hit FM?

Southern Cross Austereo
The Hit Network is an Australian commercial radio network owned and operated by Southern Cross Austereo. The network consists of 41 radio stations broadcasting a hot adult contemporary music format, as well as 6 digital radio stations.

Who owns 4KZ?

As a result of his purchase of 8HA and Sun FM in Alice Springs, Bill Caralis now owns 49% of 4KZ, 4AM, 4AY, Kool FM and Kik FM.

How many employees does Southern Cross Austereo have?

About SCA: Southern Cross Austereo is an exciting, vibrant, energetic, and progressive company employing over 2000 staff nationally. We are dedicated to delivering firsts in entertainment solutions with the ability to reach 95% of Australians through our Radio, TV, and Digital channels.

What channel number is Southern Cross?

The channel is broadcast in regional Queensland, Southern NSW & ACT, and regional Victoria on channel 55 via Southern Cross’ Nine-affiliated stations, and in Tasmania on channel 64, Spencer Gulf SA & Broken Hill NSW on channel 54, and Darwin on channel 74 via Southern Cross’ Seven affiliate remaining stations.

What channel is 54 moved?

Upon the switchover, 9Life became unavailable as WIN ceased broadcasting it and Southern Cross did not have the technical equipment to broadcast the channel. Three months later, the channel recommenced broadcasting in the Regional Queensland, Southern NSW/ACT and Regional Victoria markets on channel 54 on 17 July 2016.

Where is 9Life?

From this Sunday, 1 August, 9Life has launched on channel 83 across the WIN Network’s regional markets of Queensland, Victoria, Southern NSW, Tasmania, Griffith, Mildura, Loxton, and Mount Gambier, and channel 85 in regional Western Australia.

Who owns Triple M?

Triple M

Owner Southern Cross Austereo
Launch date 1980

Who owns Fox FM?

Fox FM (Melbourne)

Affiliations Hit Network
Owner Southern Cross Austereo (SCA Digital Pty Ltd)
Sister stations Triple M