Where is Porridge filmed?

Where is Porridge filmed?

Where is Porridge filmed?

It was shot mainly on location at Chelmsford Prison, Essex, which was unoccupied at the time because it was being refurbished after a fire in one of the wings. The escape sequence was filmed in Buckinghamshire and Boxley, Kent. There is also a brief shot of the gates of Maidstone Prison.

How many episodes of Porridge are there?

21Porridge / Number of episodes
Episodes. Following the pilot episode broadcast on 1 April 1973, the sitcom ran for three series between 5 September 1974 and 25 March 1977, with 20 episodes in total.

Who played Reg Irwin in Porridge?

Dudley Sutton
It first aired on 24 December 1976. In this episode, Fletcher and Godber are in trouble for brewing liquor in the lead-up to Christmas, but are caught up in a hostage situation in the Governor’s office….Episode cast.

Actor Role
Dudley Sutton Reg Urwin
Sam Kelly Warren
Tony Osoba McLaren
Ken Wynne Keegan

What is the cast of Porridge?

Paul AngelisPorridge / CastPaul Angelis was an English actor and writer, best known for his role as PC Bruce Bannerman in the BBC police series Z-Cars and as Navy Rum in Porridge. Wikipedia

Who played crusher in porridge?

John Dair
John Dair (3 March 1933 – 25 November 2005) was a Scottish actor who was best known for his role as Harry Grout’s bodyguard “Crusher” in the sitcom Porridge and as Charlie Dawson in the drama Our Friends in the North. Although born in Dundee, Scotland, Dair was a resident of London, England, for many years.

How old was Ronnie Barker when he made open all hours?

Trivia (23) Although he was supposed to be 39 years older, Ronnie Barker (Arkwright), was in fact only 11 years older than David Jason (Granville). David Jason was 26 years older than Granville’s 19 years of age. In the pilot episode Granville’s age is revealed as 25.

What was the last episode of porridge?

Final StretchPorridge / Latest episode

Who was Harry Grout based on?

He is perhaps best known for his role as Grouty in the sitcom Porridge and its 1979 film adaptation….

Peter Vaughan
Born Peter Ewart Ohm4 April 1923 Wem, Shropshire, England
Died 6 December 2016 (aged 93) Mannings Heath, West Sussex, England
Education Uttoxeter Grammar School
Occupation Actor

Who played Norris porridge?

Colin Farrell
Episode cast

Actor Role
David Jason Blanco
Colin Farrell Norris
Terence Soall Medical Officer
Paul McDowell Mr Collinson

Who are Richard Beckinsale’s daughters?

Samantha Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale
Richard Beckinsale/Daughters

Who plays Ingrid in Porridge?

Patricia Brake
Patricia Brake, who has died of cancer aged 79, was an actor who had one of her biggest successes on television as Ronnie Barker’s screen daughter, Ingrid – first in the 1970s sitcom Porridge, visiting the wily old lag Norman Stanley Fletcher in Slade prison, then as a pivotal character in the sequel, Going Straight.

Who played Samson in porridge?

John Dair
Born 3 March 1933 Dundee, Angus, Scotland
Died 25 November 2005 (aged 72) London, England
Occupation Actor
Spouse(s) Gina Dair ​ ( m. 1957⁠–⁠2005)​