Where is Madrid located on the world map?

Where is Madrid located on the world map?

Where is Madrid located on the world map?

Madrid is the capital and most populous and largest city of Spain, is located almost in the center of the country….Facts about Madrid, Spain.

Country Spain
Location Central region of Spain
Region Community of Madrid
Autonomous community Community of Madrid
Madrid Coordinates 40°25′N 3°43′W

Where is Madrid in Spain north or South?

The best part of Spain?…Northern Spain Vs Southern Spain: Where Will You Go?

Northern Spain Southern Spain
Main city Madrid Malaga
Most popular destination Santiago de Compostela Seville
Natural attraction La Rioja Andalucia

Is Madrid a big city?

233.3 mi²Madrid / Area

Is Barcelona or Madrid bigger?

Barcelona Almost the size of Madrid. Barcelona’s metro area has 4,2 million people, just one million short of the capital.

Is Madrid near Rome?

How far is it from Madrid to Rome? The distance between Madrid and Rome is 1364 km. The road distance is 1946.1 km.

Is it safe in Madrid Spain?

Madrid is a very safe city, but tourists can be easy prey for pickpockets, as visitors are often distracted with their surroundings and may be carrying expensive phones and cameras.

Does Madrid have a beach?

The Madrid Beach is an urban beach area located within Madrid Rio Park between two bridges: Puente de Toledo and Puente de Praga. It transforms into an ice-skating rink, but in the summer, locals and tourists are encouraged to take a swim and get their tan on.

Is Madrid a dirty city?

MADRID – The dirtiest cities in Spain have been named and shamed in a report published on Thursday.

Is Italy close to Spain?

Spain is located around 1373 KM away from Italy so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Italy in 39 hours and 24 minutes.