Where is Bernie Ebbers now?

Where is Bernie Ebbers now?

Where is Bernie Ebbers now?

Death. Ebbers died at his home in Brookhaven, Mississippi, on February 2, 2020 at the age of 78, just over a month after being released from prison due to health issues.

What happened to Scott Sullivan WorldCom?

Five other WorldCom executives were convicted for their roles in the accounting fraud, including chief financial officer Scott Sullivan, who was a witness against Ebbers. Sullivan was sentenced to five years and served four with the remainder spent in home confinement.

Who was the whistleblower at WorldCom?

Cynthia Cooper
Cynthia Cooper exploded the bubble that was WorldCom when she informed its board that the company had covered up $3.8 billion in losses through the prestidigitations of phony bookkeeping.

What did Bernie Ebbers do wrong?

Ebbers, 78, had served about 13 years of his 25-year prison sentence for orchestrating an $11 billion accounting fraud by the defunct telecommunications company. Ebbers, who is legally blind, has suffered from dementia, dramatic weight loss and other ailments while in prison, his family and lawyers have said.

Did Arthur Andersen know about WorldCom?

“The WorldCom CFO did not tell Andersen about the line-costs transfers nor did he consult with Andersen about the accounting treatment,” the statement said. “It is of great concern that important information about line costs was withheld from Andersen auditors by the chief financial officer of WorldCom.”

What happened to WorldCom employees?

Since the company filed for bankruptcy more than 1-1/2 years ago, more than 20,000 WorldCom workers have lost their jobs. Employees who had invested in WorldCom stock for their retirement collectively lost more than $4 billion.

Is Scott Sullivan still in jail?

Sullivan was released from jail in August 2009, after serving four years of his sentence.

Who is David Myers WorldCom?

David Myers, former controller of WorldCom speaks about the importance of standing firm ethically when faced with decisions in the workforce. Myers was involved in an 11 billion dollar accounting scandal in 2002, when WorldCom came under pressure to cover its declining profitability.

Who is Cynthia Cooper whistleblower?

Cynthia Cooper is an American accountant who formerly served as the Vice President of Internal Audit at WorldCom where her team exposed the largest accounting fraud in U.S. history of $3.8 billion. Cooper was named one of three “People of the Year” by Time magazine in 2002.

What happened to the Enron whistleblower?

Watkins was one of three whistleblowers named as Time magazine’s persons of the year in 2002. She testified before Congress and during the trials of fellow Enron officials, including Ken Lay. But he died before his sentencing for a fraud conviction at age 64.

What is Ebbers accountable for?

Ebbers was found guilty Tuesday on all counts against him of conspiracy, securities fraud and false regulatory filings for his role in a massive accounting fraud that led to the downfall of the nation’s second-largest telecommunications firm and cost investors billions of dollars.

Is Bernie Ebbers still alive?

February 2, 2020Bernard Ebbers / Date of death