Where is Becky albertalli from?

Where is Becky albertalli from?

Where is Becky albertalli from?

Atlanta, GABecky Albertalli / Place of birth

Does Becky albertalli have kids?

Albertalli was born and raised in the Atlanta metropolitan area, with her sister Caroline and brother Sam; where she still lives with her husband Brian, and two sons, Owen and Henry.

Who is Becky albertalli agent?

If you are an author asking directly, I strongly prefer blurb requests to come in through my assistant, Matthew Eppard ([email protected]). If your agent or editor is inquiring, please go through my agent, Holly Root ([email protected]), or Holly’s assistant, Alyssa Moore ([email protected]).

Will there be a sequel to what if it’s us?

Today, Silvera and Albertalli announced the sequel of What If It’s Us, which they co-authored. That’s right. Arthur and Ben’s story is going to grace our bookshelves once again! The upcoming book is titled Here’s to Us and will publish in Fall 2021.

Is Becky albertalli married?

Brian AlbertalliBecky Albertalli / Spouse (m. 2011)

What college did Adam Silvera go to?

Silvera knew writing was his future and crafted his own education rather than attend college. He worked as a bookseller for Barnes & Noble and later at New York City’s Books of Wonder. He attended the Gotham Writers Workshop.

Where does Simon Spier go to college?

Through social media posts that Victor scrolls through he learns that Simon is happily living in New York City together with Bram and is attending NYU.

Do Ben and Arthur end up together in Here’s to us?

At the end of What if it’s Us?, Ben and Arthur decided to break up because their circumstances were against them. Getting together was a choice. Being together was a choice. And, ultimately, breaking up was a choice as well.

Do Arthur and Ben get together in Here’s to us?

In the first book, Arthur is in New York for an internship when he bumps into Ben. The two connect and start dating, but (spoiler alert) ultimately decide to end their romantic relationship when Arthur heads home at the end of the summer.

Is Adam Silvera straight?

Silvera is open about his struggles with depression. He is gay.

Where does Adam Silvera currently live?

Los Angeles
He worked in the publishing industry as a children’s bookseller, community manager at a content development company, and book reviewer of children’s and young adult novels. He was born and raised in New York. He lives in Los Angeles and is tall for no reason.