Where does Ant-Man live in the MCU?

Where does Ant-Man live in the MCU?

Where does Ant-Man live in the MCU?

Scott Lang (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Scott Lang
Spouse Maggie Lang (ex-wife)
Significant other Hope van Dyne
Children Cassie Lang (daughter)
Origin San Francisco, California, United States

Does Ant-Man take place in San Francisco?

San Francisco is familiar territory for the Ant-Man franchise, as both the 2015 original and 2018 sequel shot a hefty amount in the city.

Is Hank Pym’s house real?

In the movie, “Ant Man,” the home of scientist Hank Pym is real-life house of San Francisco resident Matt Leffers and his family. When Matt and his wife rented their house for the movie, there was one catch. The outside had to match the color in the Marvel comics.

Where was Wasp Ant-Man filmed?

Both films were shot in Atlanta as well as throughout Georgia and star Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pena, Michael Douglas, and Atlanta native and musician Tip “TI” Harris.

Where is Scott Lang’s house in San Francisco?

The house in question was Lang’s residence in the sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp. The actual location is in the Potrero Hill neighborhood in San Francisco. It is common knowledge that property values in California are prohibitively expensive.

Where does Shang Chi live?

Ten Rings Headquarters
Ten Rings Headquarters: As the son of Wenwu, Shang-Chi has lived in the Ten Rings Headquarters.

Where is Quantumania being filmed?

While production on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania began months ago in Turkey and in the US, principal photography will actually take place in England, where cameras have just begun rolling as of July 26.

What Marvel heroes live in San Francisco?

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) In this reality, San Francisco is the home base of Ant-Man, Wasp and Luis. It’s also where Shang-Chi has lived in since he abandoned his father Xu Wenwu and the Ten Rings.

Where does Hank Pym live MCU?

The house on the beach In 2018, after rescuing Janet van Dyne, Hank Pym relocated the house using Pym Particles to a beach on the coast with Janet.

Where in San Francisco was venom filmed?

Now, in Marvel’s latest blockbuster, “Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” two superheroes battle it out in Bay Area locations that include a gritty Tenderloin alley, the top of Grace Cathedral and the San Quentin prison yard.

What city is in the quantum realm?

The Quantum Realm City Could Be Chronopolis In the comics, Chronopolis sits outside of time in a realm called Limbo, a unique dimension that exists outside the timestream and that any time traveler briefly passes through.

Was Ant-Man and the Wasp filmed at Berkeley?

Sather Gate (Berkeley) as UC Berkeley.

Where is Ant-Man filmed?

Ant-Man location: Dr Pym’s Victorian Gingerbread house: Buena Vista Avenue, Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco. It’s not as out-there as Deadpool but this addition to the Marvel universe is engagingly quirky and we can only dream what the long-gestating Edgar Wright version would have been like.

How did the ants get into the building in Ant Man?

―Ant-Man [src] Despite the logistical setbacks imposed by Cross, the team still managed to infiltrate the facility while Cross was holding an important event. Luis, posing as a security guard, gained access to the building’s water main and shut it off long enough for Lang and his army of ants to gain access.

Who is Ant-Man in the Avengers?

Scott Edward Harris Lang is a former criminal who was convinced by Hank Pym to take up his mantle as the new Ant-Man. As Ant-Man, Lang fought against Darren Cross who became obsessed with Pym Particles and intended to recreate and sell the technology to terrorist organizations such as HYDRA and the Ten Rings.

Where can I find Antman in San Francisco?

Ant-Man location: Dr Pym’s Victorian Gingerbread house: Buena Vista Avenue, Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco