Where do I park at UCR?

Where do I park at UCR?

Where do I park at UCR?

Parking Services is located on campus at 683 Linden Street. The phone number is 951-827-1294 . We advise that you arrive as early as 7:00 AM, as there is a high demand for Inner Campus access on weekday mornings. A valid UCR Parking Permit is required.

How does parking work at UCR?

All vehicles parked on the campus are required to display a valid parking permit at all times. Time limits are strictly enforced. Please refer to the campus map to find a parking location convenient to your destination on campus. Visitors may purchase all-day parking permits at an Information & Parking Kiosk on campus.

How much does parking cost at UCR?

Undergraduate Commuter Permit Rates

Rates Effective July 1, 2021
Permit Type Day Single Month
Gold $11.00 $47.00
Gold Plus $13.00 $59.00
Motorcycle $24.00

Where can I park for free at UCR Reddit?

You can park at the Hunter Park Metrolink Station and take a quick bus ride to campus. Free parking and free bus with your UCR ID. Street parking is also available for free on Canyon Crest Drive past Blaine Street, and on Blaine Street, but it does go pretty quickly once the week starts.

What is gold plus parking UCR?

Commuter Parking: Undergraduate commuters have the option of purchasing Orange, Gold or Gold Plus permits. View our website for current rates and maps. Anyone with a valid Orange, Gold or Gold Plus permit are allowed to move their car after 6pm to select Blue Lots located in the center of campus.

Where can I park with gold permit UCR?

Gold permits are available online by logging in with your UCR NetID. Gold permits are VALID: In Gold Lots 26, 30, 32, 50. In Lot 25 Student Recreation Center 90 minute parking spaces one time per day.

Where do I pick up my UCR parking permit?

The University Kiosk will open on 7/1/2020. Permits purchased online can be mailed home or picked up at the University Kiosk. Please expect two business days processing for your permit to be ready for pickup. Hours of Operation: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

Can I bring my car to UCR?

Due to limited parking availability, freshman residents are not allowed to bring a vehicle to campus. You really don’t need a car to get around. WHAT IF I REALLY NEED A CAR? Just because you can’t bring a car to campus, doesn’t mean you can’t have access to a car once you’re here.

How much is a red parking permit at UCR?

$15.00 $41.00
Graduate Commuter Permit Rates

Rates Effective July 1, 2021
Permit Type Day Week
Red $15.00 $41.00
Blue / Gold Plus $13.00 $30.00
Gold $11.00 $24.00

What is the difference between gold and gold plus parking permit UCR?

Gold permits are valid in any of the four Gold Lots (26, 30, 32, 50) located around the perimeter of campus. Gold Plus lots are located within the center of campus and are sold on a limited basis. Gold Plus lots vary each quarter based on parking availability and demand, therefore they don’t show up on the parking map.

What is a UCR permit?

UCR which stands for “UNIFIED CARRIER REGISTRATION” is a program that requires individuals or companies that operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate or international commerce to register their business with a participating state and pay an annual fee based on the size of their fleet.