Where can I see graffiti in Berlin?

Where can I see graffiti in Berlin?

Where can I see graffiti in Berlin?

The best places for street art and graffiti in Berlin

  1. Raw Gelände in Friedrichshain. Location: Revaler Strasse 99.
  2. Berlin Mitte graffiti: Haus Schwarzenberg street art alley. Location: Rosenthaler Strasse 39.
  3. East Side Gallery: Berlin Wall graffiti art.
  4. Intimes Kino in Friedrichshain.
  5. Kreuzberg.
  6. Teufelsberg.

Which side of the Berlin wall has graffiti?

western side
The western side of The Wall was covered in colourful graffiti, since West German artists were free to express themselves using this medium, and how they felt about it, while the Eastern side remained decidedly bare, because direct access to the wall was forbidden from that side, and freedom of speech — through art or …

Does Berlin have a lot of graffiti?

With no shortage of vacant buildings, weedy lots and creative nomads, Berlin has become a blank canvas for graffiti artists far and wide, turning the German capital into arguably the most “bombed” — slang for graffiti-covered — city in Europe.

Where is Banksy in Berlin?

Following an exhibition at a former Berlin night club, the “The Art of Banksy” has now moved to the shopping centre Bikini Berlin near the Zoo in Berlin’s western city centre. The exhibition is located on the first floor. The event is organized by the Istanbul Entertainment Group (IEG).

Where is the most graffiti in Berlin?

The Best Graffiti Districts in Berlin

  • Mitte and its surroundings, Berlin, Germany.
  • Schlesisches Tor (U-Bahn Berlin), Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.
  • Friedrichshain and its surroundings, Berlin, Germany.
  • Mauerpark, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany.
  • Otto Weist Museum, Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin, Germany.

Is graffiti illegal in Berlin?

Graffiti is Illegal Berlin is one of the world’s graffiti-capitals with tags, political slogans and street art widespread throughout the city.

Did the Berlin Wall have graffiti on both sides?

The West Berlin side of the wall had artwork completely covering the wall, while the East Berlin side was kept blank because people were not permitted to get close enough to the eastside of the wall to paint anything.

Is graffiti illegal in Germany?

Under current German law, graffiti is only punishable if it can be proven that the spraying itself or the removal of the graffiti resulted in damages to the surface under it. “We have to clearly show the mostly young people who do this that illegal spraying is punishable,” she said.

Is there a Banksy on the Berlin Wall?

(Reuters) – British street artist Banksy’s mural “Every Picture tells a lie” was rediscovered in Berlin this weekend after a gallery layered it in paint eight years ago to create space for new works.

Where can I see art in Berlin?

12 Top-Rated Museums and Art Galleries in Berlin

  • The Pergamon Museum Editor’s Pick.
  • The Neues Museum: Home to the Egyptian Museum of Berlin.
  • The German Museum of Technology.
  • Home of the Old Masters: The Gemäldegalerie.
  • The Topography of Terror.
  • The New National Gallery.
  • Bode-Museum.
  • The Old National Gallery.