Where are all the precursor orbs in Jak and Daxter?

Where are all the precursor orbs in Jak and Daxter?

Where are all the precursor orbs in Jak and Daxter?


  • 1 Geyser Rock.
  • 2 Sandover Village.
  • 3 Sentinel Beach.
  • 4 Forbidden Jungle.
  • 5 Misty Island.
  • 6 Fire Canyon.
  • 7 Rock Village.
  • 8 Precursor Basin.

What happens when you collect all precursor orbs?

There are only 169 orbs collectible in the mission areas. Once all 600 (in total) are found, Jak will sport a new outfit with a green scarf and a blue kilt. A message will appear on the screen reading: “Congratulations, you found all the Precursor orbs! Enjoy Jak’s stylish new duds.”

How many precursor orbs are in Jak and Daxter?

Trophy: The Collectationator! This page lists the locations of all 286 Precursor orbs in Jak II.

Where are all the precursor orbs in forbidden jungle?

All Precursor Orbs in the Area Forbidden Jungle

  • 4 – On the Rope bridge at the start.
  • 2 – left past the ropebridge at the beginning over the creek.
  • 2 – Over the natural pillars in the creek on the way to the Mirror #3.
  • 4 – On the small natural pillar on the way to scout Fly 1 and Mirror #2.

Are there any missable orbs in Jak 3?

No. Unlike Jak II, you cannot miss any orbs in Jak 3. All of them can be revisited on your first playthrough.

How many power cells does JAK 1 have?

101 power cells
Jak first needs twenty power cells for the heat shield, then forty-five for the levitation machine and lastly seventy-two for the heat shield’s upgrade. However, to unlock the secret ending, Jak needs to collect one hundred power cells. There are a total of 101 power cells in the game, leaving a one power cell margin.

How do you fix the eco beams in Jak and Daxter?

Use the handles at the base to redirect the beam. This is done via a small screen where you simply have to point the cursor at the next mirror which will rise and show itself automatically. Then, walk over to the area where you had to redirect the beam, find the next beam redirector, and repeat the process.

How do you get a power cell in the precursor basin?

There is a Power Cell sitting over the Lake in the very center of the second area in the Precursor Basin. To get this one, just head up and around the path that’s in the center of this area and work your way around to the cliff right next to the Power Cell so you can jump off of it and grab the Power Cell.