When does taste return after stem cell transplant?

When does taste return after stem cell transplant?

When does taste return after stem cell transplant?

How long these changes last is different for everyone and depends on your treatment. However, taste changes usually resolve in 2-3 months after treatment.

What is the taste of Malaysian food?

Malay food is strong, spicy and aromatic, combining the rich tastes of the many herbs and spices commonly found in Southeast Asia. It is one of three major cuisines in Malaysia, and together with Chinese and Indian food, continually delight visitors to the country with its incredible variety and flavors.

When do you feel better after a bone marrow transplant?

You may feel weak and tired for six months to a year after your procedure. The recovery time after bone marrow transplant varies for every individual. Stay in touch with your care team for support and guidance during this period. Your body is very susceptible to infection throughout the entire recovery period.

Is Malaysian food delicious?

(CNN) — Malaysian food doesn’t get the global recognition it deserves. But the fact is, this stuff is good! The sum of many delicious parts, Malaysian cuisine’s influences include Chinese, Indian and Malay. In some ways it’s similar to Indonesian food, with the two nations sharing many of the same dishes.

Is Malaysian food healthy?

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – With ingredients such as high cholesterol coconut milk, clarified butter and sugar cane, the traditional Malaysian diet may be among the most unhealthy cuisines in the world.

How long is recovery from a stem cell transplant?

Recovery time depends on the type of transplant: Donated bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell transplant can take 2-3 weeks. Cord blood engraftment can take 3-5 weeks. Self-donated stem cell transplant (autologous) takes about 10 days for recovery.

How do you know if stem cell transplant worked?

When the new stem cells multiply, they make more blood cells. Then your blood counts will go back up. This is one way to know if a transplant was a success. Your cancer is controlled.

Why is Malaysian food unhealthy?

Is Malay food unhealthy?