When did Honda stop making XR650R?

When did Honda stop making XR650R?

When did Honda stop making XR650R?

The last production year of the Honda XR650R was in 2007, but the Japanese manufacturer announced this plan as early as 2004.

Is the 2021 Honda xr650l fuel injected?

General Info. Key Features: Fuel Injection. Disc brakes front and rear.

Is Honda xr650 air cooled?

It has been produced virtually unchanged since 1993 and is still in production as of 2022. The engine is an air-cooled 644 cc (39.3 cu in) SOHC, dry-sump, single-cylinder, four-stroke.

Does the Honda XR650L have electric start?

The XR650L’s electric starter takes all the drama out of restarting off-road, or getting underway on a cold morning or after the bike’s been sitting all week.

Are Honda XR electric start?

The main features of this model are the electric start and low seat height.

What is the difference between XR650R and XR650L?

You refered the to XR650R as having an old lump of an Engine and a steel frame. I believe you were refering to the XR650L though. the R as I know it is aluminum frame and a race bred engine, and cool differnetly.

Who is the man behind the Honda XR650R?

Bruce Ogilvie was the man behind the XR650R. The XR650R was always a Mexican superhero. Back in 2000, it was brought to the market through the sheer willpower of one man. Bruce Ogilvie had worked in Honda’s Project Planning Department for years and relentlessly pitched the bike to his bosses.

Is the Honda XR650R waterproof?

The Honda XR650R uses an aluminum frame and plastic body material with Honda Racing-inspired graphics. You can get a Dowco Guardian Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Cover (view on Amazon) to protect it from the elements.

What is the difference between Kayaba xr560r and XR650R?

Kayaba cartridge fork had minimal protrusion below the axle, giving the XR higher clearance in ruts. The two version differences are negligible, except for the overall length, ground clearance, and dry weight. The XR560R is slightly lighter than the L version due to its aluminum body, and the XR650R weight is 133 kg (293 lbs).