When did Africans start using metal?

When did Africans start using metal?

When did Africans start using metal?

Some recent studies date the inception of iron metallurgy in Africa between 3000 and 2500 BCE.

Which African people are well known for their metal work?

Some believe that the Nok’s artistry influenced the beautiful metalwork of the Ife people, who later lived in the area of Nigeria. The Ife people (who lived around the 11th – 15th centuries C.E.) were famous for detailed and lifelike metal sculptures of human heads.

What African region is known for working with iron?

Iron smelting and forging technologies may have existed in West Africa among the Nok culture of Nigeria as early as the sixth century B.C. In the period from 1400 to 1600, iron technology appears to have been one of a series of fundamental social assets that facilitated the growth of significant centralized kingdoms in …

What is the significance of a blacksmith in African culture?

To these African civilizations, iron had become the key to their development and survival, and it was worshiped as such. The Ife and Oyo people believe that the blacksmith has the power to express the spirit of Ogun, the god of iron, because they create iron, which is the foundation for their survival.

Did Africans invent steel?

Around 2000 years ago, the Haya people of Africa, were the first to invent, make and use steel, with furnaces achieving up to 1500 C.

What was the importance of iron in the growth of African civilization?

Iron played a central role in many societies of early Africa. It held both spiritual and material power. Physically, Africans used iron to create tools for agriculture, utensils for everyday life, and weapons for protection and conquest (Shillington, 2012, p. 45).

Why was iron important in Africa?

Where did iron Working begin?

However, iron working may have been practiced in Central Africa as early as the 3rd millennium BC.

Who is the first blacksmith?

Blacksmithing origins first trace back to 1500 BC when the Hittites discovered the process of forging and tempering iron ore. When the Hittites were scattered in 1200 BC so was their knowledge and understanding of basic iron work.

Which Nigerian town is famous in blacksmithing work?

However, the practice of blacksmithing in Makera Assada makes the area to be recognized as the home of blacksmithing. The area was known for its smithing since the establishment of Sokoto town. That is why during the time of Caliph Muhammad Bello, he appointed the Sarkin Makera from the blacksmiths of the area.

Did African tribes use iron?

African Iron Age Lifeways From the 2nd century CE to about 1000 CE, ironworkers spread iron throughout the largest portion of Africa, eastern and southern Africa. The African communities who made iron varied in complexity from hunter-gatherers to kingdoms.

Who invented steel first?

India would produce the first true steel. Around 400 BC, Indian metalworkers invented a smelting method that happened to bond the perfect amount of carbon to iron.