What was the worst hurricane in 1987?

What was the worst hurricane in 1987?

What was the worst hurricane in 1987?

Hurricane Emily was the costliest storm of the season, causing $80.3 million in damage (1987 USD) as it ravaged the Dominican Republic and Bermuda. Tropical Depression Fourteen was the deadliest storm of the season, causing six deaths as it passed across Jamaica.

What year was Hurricane Donna in New England?

Hurricane Donna

Category 4 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Donna over the Florida Keys on September 10
Damage $980 million (1960 USD)
Areas affected Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Cuba, Bahamas, East Coast of the United States, New England, Atlantic Canada, Greenland
Part of the 1960 Atlantic hurricane season

Where Did Hurricane Donna make landfall?

North Carolina
On September 12, Donna was battering the Outer Banks in North Carolina and was still a Category 3 hurricane. Now moving quickly, it hit the New England coast that night, still with hurricane force winds. Wind gusts of up to 130 mph were recorded in Rhode Island and there was significant damage as far north as Maine.

What hurricane was in 1987?

Hurricane Emily was the only major hurricane of the season; its wind speeds peaked at 125 miles per hour (201 km/h) before impacting the Dominican Republic. Three fatalities occurred in the Dominican Republic because of the storm and damages were estimated up to $80.3 million (1987 USD).

What was the name of the hurricane in October 1987?

Great storm of 1987

Formed 15 October 1987
Dissipated 16 October 1987
Highest winds 86 mph (139 km/h)
Highest gust 134 mph (216 km/h)
Lowest pressure 953 mb (28.14 inHg)

When Did Hurricane Donna hit?

August 29, 1960 – September 14, 1960Hurricane Donna / Date

What year was Hurricane Donna in Massachusetts?

Hurricanes: Science and Society: 1960- Hurricane Donna. Hurricane Donna, a Cape Verde-type hurricane, was the only system to reach major intensity (Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale) during the 1960 hurricane season.

What category is Donna?

Category 4 Hurricane (SSHWS)Hurricane Donna / Category

What hurricane hit Florida in the 80s?

August 7, 1980- Hurricane Allen passes about 310 miles (500 km) south of Key West, Florida. The threat of the large hurricane prompts the National Hurricane Center to issue gale warnings for the Florida Keys. The hurricane produces gale-force winds across the keys, though there was no significant damage.