What was the very last episode of A Different World?

What was the very last episode of A Different World?

What was the very last episode of A Different World?

(Part 2) | A Different World Wiki | Fandom….When One Door Closes… (Part 2)

“When One Door Closes… (Part 2)”
Director (s) Debbie Allen
Original airdate May 8, 1993
IMDB When One Door Closes… (Part 2)
Episode chronology

Why is season 6 of A Different World out of order?

Turns out some of these were shot before the finale but never aired. During the middle of season six, the show was put on hiatus because of the declining ratings, but they continued production. While in production, they found out the show was canceled. They aired the finale first and then the other episodes after.

What episode did Dwayne stop Whitley’s wedding?

“A Different World” Save the Best for Last: Part 2 (TV Episode 1992) – IMDb.

What happened to jaleesa and Colonel Taylor?

Jaleesa graduated from Hillman in 1990 and accepted an entry-level corporate position. She also became Whitley Gilbert’s off-campus roommate. She later marries Colonel Bradford Taylor (in a surprise elopement), becoming the stepmother of Bradford’s children, Suzanne & Terrence.

What happened to jalisa from A Different World?

Dawnn Lewis (Jaleesa Vinson) Lewis left the show to play Robin Dumars on another TV series, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. She played Melba Early in the film adaptation of Dreamgirls, as well as small roles on One Tree Hill, Days of Our Lives, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

What episode did Dwayne cheat on Whitley?

“A Different World” Kiss You Back (TV Episode 1992) – IMDb.

Did Whitley sleep with Byron?

Later, Whitley started going out with Byron Douglas, who was running for senator. Dwayne became very jealous. Whitley decided to clear the air with Dwayne and finally put their relationship in the past. The conversation turned into a fight, and they ended up sleeping together.

Did jaleesa and Walter get married?

Jaleesa worked part-time at the Hillman library and was the assistant dorm director of Gilbert Hall. She also spent a summer working as a cable television installer. She was in a serious relationship with coach Walter Oakes and later became engaged, but they halted their wedding at the altar & ended their relationship.

What episode does Dwayne cheat on Whitley?