What was Ira Singhal rank?

What was Ira Singhal rank?

What was Ira Singhal rank?

Ira had topped the 2014 civil services examinations, becoming the first candidate to top the general category despite being differently-abled. She had first sat for the examinations in 2010, securing the 815th rank.

Who is the first IAS topper in India?

The table below gives the list of toppers who cleared the civil services examination from 1999 to 2021. Candidates should note that recent UPSC Result was of CSE 2019….IAS First Attempt Winners.

Name Rank Year
Bhawna Garg 1 1999

Which year did Ira Singhal top UPSC?

Ira Singal, who is specially abled, topped the UPSC exam in 2014 and is an inspiration for many. IAS officer Ira Singhal is the first differently-abled to achieve that feat in the general category.

What is the optional subject of IRA Singhal?

UPSC Toppers with Geography Optional

Year Name Optional Subject
1998 Devesh Kumar Chemistry & Geography
2002 Alok Ranjan Jha Geography
2005 S Nagarajan Geography & Sociology
2014 Ira Singhal Geography

Is Ira Singhal disabled?

Despite being physically disabled and facing societal pressure, Ms. Singhal completed her engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology. She did her MBA in Marketing and Finance from Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi.

At what age Ira Singhal become IAS?

On the other side is Ira Singhal who became the IAS topper in 2014 at the age of 31.

Where is Ira Singhal now?

Currently She is very powerful and popular as an officers. According to her LinkedIn profile, ira singhal is currently posted as duty commissioners in North Delhi municipal corporation. And also Ira Singhal is a famous brand ambassador of different government departments and bodies.

How old is Ira Singhal?

38 years (August 31, 1983)Ira Singhal / Age

Where is Ira Singhal posted?

What is the age of Ira Singhal?

Where is the posting IAS Ira Singhal?

Ira Singhal IAS posted as Dy Commissioner (HQ), Revenue Dept, Delhi.

Who is husband of Ira Singhal IAS?

No, Ira Singhal is unmarried in the present time she has no boyfriend . When I search ira singhal marriage on Google that time I don’t found anything related to her marriage 😐. Then I got some information about her struggles in civil service from beginner to top upsc exam.