What vehicle is similar to a PT Cruiser?

What vehicle is similar to a PT Cruiser?

What vehicle is similar to a PT Cruiser?

When looking for a PT Cruiser dupe, many experts out there will point to the Chevrolet HHR. Side by side, the PT Cruiser and the Chevrolet HHR look similar, though their specs differ just a bit.

What was Chevy’s answer to the PT Cruiser?

So what did Chevrolet do? According to Auto Trader, Chevy hired Bryan Nesbitt, the same guy behind the PT Cruiser, to make a retro high-roof for Chevrolet. The result was the Chevrolet HHR, with the HHR standing for Heritage High Roof.

What car company makes the PT Cruiser?

‘ Chrysler added a four-seat and two-seat convertible model to the line in 2005, with production on the sports car ending in late 2007 (2008 models were the final PT Cruiser convertible on the market).

What truck looks like a PT Cruiser?

For 2006, Chevy introduces the HHR, which is virtually identical to the PT in concept. GM says the styling was influenced by the current Chevy SSR convertible pickup as well as the 1949 Suburban.

What is the difference between an HHR and a PT Cruiser?

From the rear, differences are better defined. The PT Cruiser, for instance, includes taillights incorporated into the flared fenders, whereas the Chevy HHR features vertically-stacked dual taillights higher up on the rear quarter panel.

Was the PT Cruiser popular?

The PT Cruiser took home Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award and placed in Car and Driver’s 10 Best Cars in 2001. That year alone Chrysler sold nearly 145,000 units. About 1.35 million PT Cruisers were sold by Chrysler during the model’s passionate nine-year run.

What are the latest stories about the PT Cruiser?

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What are the different types of PT Cruisers?

PT Cruiser models included the Classic Edition, Limited Edition, Touring Edition, Couture Edition (2010 only), “Dream Cruiser”, “Street Cruiser”, “Pacific Coast Highway Edition”, and PT Cruiser GT.

What were the trims of the Chrysler PT Cruiser?

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser trims 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser trims All Chrysler models 200 300 300C 300M Aspen Aspen Hybrid Cirrus Concorde Conquest Cordoba Crossfire Crown Imperial E Class Executive Fifth Avenue Grand Voyager Imperial Laser LeBaron LHS Newport New Yorker

What is a pteazer PT Cruiser?

Pteazer is not an allergy medication, it’s a custom parts manufacturer that specializes in PT Cruisers and Chevy HHR parts. Yes … that’s a business that exists. Anyway, this SEMA PT Cruiser is a modular design.