What towns are part of the New Forest?

What towns are part of the New Forest?

What towns are part of the New Forest?

Below are the New Forest’s major towns and villages:

  • Beaulieu.
  • Lymington.
  • Brockenhurst.
  • Lyndhurst.
  • Burley.
  • Ashurst.

What is the area of the New Forest?

218.5 mi²New Forest National Park / Area

Where is the best place to see horses in the New Forest?

You can’t miss the New Forest ponies: don’t feed or touch them, but they’re beautiful to watch – especially the foals. A good place to see them is at Beachern Wood near Brockenhurst, the start of a lovely off-road cycle ride to the pretty hamlet of Bank.

What is special about the New Forest?

What is the New Forest famous for? The New Forest is famous for being William the Conqueror’s ‘new hunting forest’ and the place where King William II is said to have been fatally wounded and died due to an arrow being shot at him in 1100AD by Sir Walter Tyrrell.

What is the biggest town in the New Forest?

Brockenhurst. Brockenhurst has become the tourism centre of the New Forest. This large village offers everything you could want tourist-related; there are bike rentals, pubs, restaurants and shops.

Is Lymington classed as New Forest?

Outside of the National Park Area in New Forest District, several clusters of larger towns frame the area – Totton and the Waterside settlements (Marchwood, Dibden, Hythe, Fawley) to the East, Christchurch, New Milton, Milford on Sea, and Lymington to the South, and Fordingbridge and Ringwood to the West.

Where does the New Forest start and end?

Covering an area of about 220 square miles, the New Forest National Park takes in approximately 15 miles of coast between Calshot Castle (most easterly point) and Hurst Castle (most southerly point), and stretches northwards to Whiteparish and westwards to Ringwood.

Is Lymington a good place to retire?

Meanwhile more mature folk consider Lymington ideal for retirement (around a third of the population are 65 and over) as it offers an excellent range of facilities and a strong community. Lymington also scores on dazzling good looks.

Can you touch New Forest ponies?

Visitors who feed the New Forest ponies, and other livestock, are teaching them not to fear humans or cars.

How many wild ponies are in the New Forest?

You will find New Forest ponies dotted all around our National Park. With around 5,000 of them, it won’t be too long until you spot one. There is plenty of nutritious food available for the ponies and you will often find them grazing across the open moorland in small groups.