What strings does John Myung use?

What strings does John Myung use?

What strings does John Myung use?

Specifications, Schematics & More

Specifications John Myung Bongo 6 HH
Switching 5-way pickup blend knob
Pickups Dual Humbucking with Neodymium magnets
Left Handed No
Strings 32w-45w-65w-80w-100w-130w (Cobalt Bass)

What bass does John Myung use?

Myung plays custom Music Man Bongo 6-string basses. The basses have a standard body size with a 5-string bass neck for closer string spacing.

How long should bass strings last?

Some people never change strings. James Jamerson never changed his strings and once said, “The funk is in the funk.” Other people who like a bright sound or play a lot may change strings once every week or two. For my average student I suggest they change or clean them every 3-4 months.

Why do basses have 4 strings?

A lot of music has been played on 4-strings. The reason for having more strings is to add more range to the bass. More range means being able to play more lower pitched notes and/or higher pitched notes. Also, the more strings you have under your fingers, the more notes you have under your fingers.

What EQ does Justin Chancellor use?

Justin Chancellor’s bass Effects and Pedals – Boss GEB7 Bass EQ – run into his 4×12 after the Turbo RAT for a grit channel, for a slight low end boost.

Does Justin Chancellor use a pick?

Justin plays exclusively with Tortex® Picks and loves the Cry Baby® Justin Chancellor Wah, the MXR® Bass Octave Deluxe, and the MXR® Bass Envelope Filter to enrich his sonic craftsmanship.

Can you use wd40 to clean guitar strings?

Can you clean guitar strings with WD-40? Do not use WD-40 to clean your guitar strings. While WD-40 was designed to be used on metal and should work fine on guitar strings, it can cause issues when in contact with wood.