What store is Tammy Girl?

What store is Tammy Girl?

What store is Tammy Girl?

Asos’s Tammy Girl relaunch includes Y2K-inspired skirts, crop tops, dresses and more.

Who owns Tammy Girl?

Alas, the pre-tween retailer shuttered in 2005 after being sold by Arcadia Group to BHS.

What happened to Chelsea Girl shop?

A third brand, River Island, was founded in 1988 and a few years later both Chelsea Girl and Concept Man merged into this one company. And here we are! We don’t know about you but we’re pleased with the whole name change thing – Chelsea Girl sounds SO retro…

When did Tammy close down?

Tammy Girl, a staple fashion brand from the 90s, has been brought back and is now stocked on Asos decades after its high street stores shut down. The Manchester-based only fashion Daisy Street relaunched Tammy Girl after it officially closed down in 2016.

When was Tammy Girl around?

First launched as a spin-off to lingerie retailer Etam in 1975, Tammy Girl was considered one of the most popular UK high street brands targeting the younger demographic.

What happened to Kookai?

Fashion retailer Kookai is winding down the UK arm of its business after initiating a solvent liquidation of its UK assets, a move instructed by its French owner Vivarte Group, which is looking to stem the losses from its international subsidiaries.

What happened to Etam clothing?

In 2005 the business was sold to Philip Green. Many shops were offered for sale to other brands – Monsoon bought 50 – while others were transformed into Arcadia brands such as Dorothy Perkins and Top Shop. The Etam name vanished from the British high street, and Tammy Girl was absorbed into BHS.

When did Etam go out of business?

When Etam closed its doors in 2005, we assumed it was gone forever. However, Etam has actually been online this whole time, and even made an amazing comeback at this year’s Paris Fashion Week!