What states have Smart and Final stores?

What states have Smart and Final stores?

What states have Smart and Final stores?

Currently, Smart & Final operates 306 stores in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho, including 251 Smart & Final banner stores, 160 of which are Smart & Final Extra! format stores.

Is Smart and Final Closing?

Smart & Final will be shutting down permanently early in 2021, possibly in January, with CVS prepared to take over a portion of the space at 3049 E. Coast Highway some time in 2022.

Is Smart and Final owned by Kroger?

Smart & Final is a chain of warehouse-style food and supply stores based in Commerce, California, which developed through a series of mergers and expansions….Smart & Final.

Area served California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and northern Mexico
Products Food
Owner Bodega Latina Corporation
Number of employees 7,921

Who bought out Smart and Final?

Bodega Latina
It has been a momentous year for Smart & Final and President and CEO Dave Hirz. The uniquely positioned retailer is observing its 150th anniversary and was recently acquired by Bodega Latina, parent company of El Super and Fiesta Mart, and a subsidiary of Mexican supermarket operator Grupo Comercial Chedraui.

Did El Super Buy Smart & Final?

Smart & Final acquired by Fiesta, El Super parent for $620MM.

Is Smart and Final cheaper than Safeway?

The three warehouse clubs all offer significant savings for most shoppers. Costco and Sam’s Club, for example, each beat Safeway’s prices by a whopping 33 percent. And compared to Safeway, the savings were about 11 percent at Smart & Final.

Did El Super purchase Smart and Final?


Did US Foods Buy Smart and Final?

US Foods Holding Corp. has closed its $970 million acquisition of Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores from the private equity owner of Smart & Final Stores. Portland, Ore.

Does Costco own Smart and Final?

In June 2019, Smart & Final Stores, Inc. was privatized through an acquisition by funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management, LLC, who had previously acquired the brand 12 years earlier. In April 2020, Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores were sold to US Foods.

Did Bodega Latina purchase Smart and Final?

Bodega Latina Corp., the owner of the Fiesta Market and El Super chains, announced on Friday that it has agreed to acquire Smart & Final from private equity owner Apollo Global Management for approximately $620 million plus debt.