What size is the nut on VP44 injection pump?

What size is the nut on VP44 injection pump?

What size is the nut on VP44 injection pump?

27 mm nut
Remove the Drive Gear from the Injection Pump Loosen the 27 mm nut (This larger metric size socket can be replaced with an equivalent US size if necessary.)

What should fuel pressure be on a 24v Cummins?

The bottom line is that the 24-valve’s Bosch VP44 electronic fuel delivery pump needs to see at least 5-6psi of pressure from the fuel transfer pump. Less than 5-6psi (more is better) and there is a danger of “overheating” the VP44 pump for it uses fuel to cool and lubricate its internal parts.

Does a 24 valve Cummins have a mechanical fuel pump?

This is a Bosch VP44, the factory injection pump employed on all ‘98.5-’02 24-valve 5.9L Cummins engines. It’s an electronically controlled and regulated, distributor-style pump (also known as a rotary type) that was chosen to fuel the 24-valve due to its ability to meet the emissions standards of the late ’90s.

What PSI does a VP44 need?

approx. 12 PSI
The VP44 is a very sensitive pump and needs approx. 12 PSI to run properly. Once you start getting about 15 PSI to the injection pump, you actually start to over pressurize the pump causing it to act as if you had a flooded engine.

How much fuel pressure does a VP44 make?

12-15 PSI Is Ideal To keep the notorious chain reaction event of a failed lift pump from starving (and then killing) the VP44, 5 psi of supply pressure is the minimum you should see during idle, driving and/or wide-open throttle. Whenever possible, 12 to 15 psi worth of fuel pressure should be your goal.

What is the fuel rail pressure on a 5.9 Cummins?

approximately 25,000 PSA
The Dodge Ram 5.9L Common Rail Cummins diesel engine contains a relief valve in the fuel rail, This fuel pump relief valve is designed to relieve the fuel rail pressure at approximately 25,000 PSA. The common rail uses the relief valve to avoid damage to the fuel injectors.