What should I throw down in Paper Mario?

What should I throw down in Paper Mario?

What should I throw down in Paper Mario?

Defeat the Monty Moles and Petunia will give you a Magical Bean. The quest is far from over though. Before you go back to the hub, head west to an area with a well. If you were to throw a Blue Berry into this well, you would get a Flower Saver Badge.

How do you get past the hedge maze in Paper Mario?

Through the Hedge Mazeedit Head into the left center path and give a blue berry to the flower guarding the gate. You’ll then come upon a maze, however before you can enter 4 of Bowser’s goons, in the maze looking for the water stone that they dropped, will fight you. Defeat these 4 and then continue into the maze.

What do you give the rose in Paper Mario?

By giving Rosie the Crystal Berry, Rosie gives Mario the Water Stone. Rosie then states that she only saved Lily’s life so there would be one more flower alive to witness her beauty.

How do you get to the Puff Puff machine in Paper Mario?

The Puff Puff Machine is at the end of the top right path in Flower Fields. It can be destroyed with a few whacks from the Hammer or Bombette’s Bomb attack on each side.

Where are the ultra boots in Paper Mario?

the Toad Town Tunnels
The boots can be found in the Toad Town Tunnels. They are in a chest past spikes (which Mario can ride over with Lakilester), a maze pathway with several invisible blocks, and a collection of Spinies and Dark Koopas. They permanently replace the Spin Jump.

How do you beat Lava Piranha in Paper Mario?

Mario walks out of the water block and shouts, distracting Sushie. The Lava Piranha then burns and injures Sushie. Despite this, Sushie inflates Mario with water and pushes him to the Lava Piranha. Mario bursts, spraying the water over the Lava Piranha and thus defeating it.

Which is prettier water stone or Paper Mario?

the Crystal Berry
According to Rosie, the Crystal Berry is more beautiful than the Water Stone, and she will eagerly give the stone to Mario for the berry.

How do you get crystal Berry?

The Crystal Berry is given to Mario by Posie, who is attached to the Crystal Tree by her roots. It is tasked to Mario to obtain the Water Stone for Lily at the far east end of Flower Fields. Upon finding the stone, it was in the possession of Rosie, a pompous rose at the northwest edge of Flower Fields.