What should I read if I like Terry Pratchett?

What should I read if I like Terry Pratchett?

What should I read if I like Terry Pratchett?

If you like Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams – Christchurch City Libraries

  • Early Riser. by Fforde, Jasper, 1961-
  • And Another Thing. Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Part Six of Three.
  • The Grand Dark. by Kadrey, Richard, 1957-
  • Sourcery.
  • The Serpent of Venice.
  • Retromancer.
  • Stork Naked.
  • Bird Brain.

What should I read after Pratchett?

Authors similar to Terry Pratchett

  • The City of Dreaming Books. Walter Moers, John Brownjohn. The author of 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear transports readers to a magical world.
  • The Labyrinth of Dreaming Books. Walter Moers, John Brown, Optimus Yarnspinner.
  • World War Moo: An Apocalypse Cow Novel. Michael Logan.

Who else writes like Terry Pratchett?

Authors to read if you enjoy Terry Pratchett

  • Jasper Fforde. Jasper Fforde is a British novelist, best known for his Thursday Next detective novels.
  • Douglas Adams.
  • Neil Gaiman.
  • Christopher Moore.
  • Tom Holt (K. J. Parker)
  • Ben Aaronovitch.
  • Jasper T.
  • Robert Sheckley.

What should I read if I like Douglas Adams?

6 Book Recommendations for Douglas Adams Fans

  • Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente.
  • Starship Grifters by Robert Kroese.
  • How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu.

What genre is Terry Pratchett?

Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett OBE
Occupation Novelist
Genre Comic fantasy, Satire, Science-fiction
Notable works Discworld Good Omens Nation The Nome Trilogy
Notable awards Knight Bachelor (2009) OBE (1998)

What to read after Hitchhikers Guide?

Top 17 Best Books For Fans Of The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

  1. 1 .) Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams.
  2. 2 .) The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett.
  3. 3 .) Foundation by Isaac Asimov.
  4. 4 .) Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.
  5. 5 .) Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
  6. 6 .)
  7. 7 .)
  8. 8 .)

Why read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series can teach us to make the best of what we’ve got. People, feel what you’ve got to feel, and recognize that lots of stuff is terrible and unpleasant. Try to make this experience of existence as not terrible and as pleasant as possible for you and everybody else.

Is Discworld on audible?

Audible Audiobook – Unabridged. Brought to you by Penguin. Named as one of the BBC’s 100 most inspiring novels.