What should I learn before string theory?

What should I learn before string theory?

What should I learn before string theory?

1 Answer. To learn the basics you need to understand in a reasonable level classical mechanics, quantum mechanics and special relativity. The conformal field theory you need will be presented on the string theory textbooks.

Is string theory taught in school?

Not at all. All forms of string theory have yet to rise to the level of “theory”, at least as the scientific community defines that term.

What is the major criticism of string theory?

CRITICISM: String theory comes in so many forms that it is impossible to make any predictions. There are an almost infinite number of ways to compactify down from ten dimensions to four. Each way represents a different string theory, and each will lead to entirely different physics.

What math do you need to understand string theory?

formulation of non-perturbative string theory, which is not yet there, will have to bring together geometry, non-commutative algebra and loop spaces. Over the years string theory [1] has been able to enrich various fields of mathematics.

What is the math behind string theory?

String theory predicts the existence of more spacetime dimensions than the three spatial dimensions and one time dimension that we routinely observe. Bosonic string theory requires the existence of twenty-five spatial dimensions and one time dimension.

How hard is string theory?

It is very very tough. Anyone interested in String Theory needs to think very very hard on what they want to do with themselves. They need to get a String Theory textbook and work through it, every problem, however long it takes.

Why is string theory complicated?

The string theory framework still faces many challenges, however: It produces an impossible number of ways to fold up the extra six dimensions. Every option seems to fit the broad features of the Standard Model that governs particle physics, with little hope of distinguishing which is the right one.

Is string theory pure math?

String theory has contributed a number of advances to mathematical physics, which have been applied to a variety of problems in black hole physics, early universe cosmology, nuclear physics, and condensed matter physics, and it has stimulated a number of major developments in pure mathematics.