What pub is the Clansman in Still Game?

What pub is the Clansman in Still Game?

What pub is the Clansman in Still Game?

The Gimlet
Still Game filming location: Ruchill Street, Glasgow The local pub in Still Game is called The Clansman. Its exterior is actually The Gimlet on Ruchill Street. Also called the Ruchill Tavern, it was used from series one to four.

Did Greg Hemphill and Ford Kiernan fall out?

He quit originally in 2008 after the pair — who made Chewin’ The Fat together — fell out. When Ford was asked, about the break-up at the time, he said: “It’s just Effing me now.”

Where is Craiglang in Still Game?

Craiglang’s main scenes are filmed around the Maryhill district of Glasgow, but the programme has filmed all over Glasgow over its 9 series including Queen Street and Central Stations, Buchanan Street, The Hydro and along the Clyde. Navid’s shop is in the Townhead area of Glasgow.

Where is the Clansman in real life?

A STILL Game superfan has opened up their very own Clansman pub in an English town. Cliff Morton, 47, fell in love with the Scottish comedy show years ago and decided to fulfil his dream to recreate the Craiglang bar in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Why is the Clansman called Jennys?

As a result, the Clansman was set to be closed down and demolished, to make way for cottages. It turns out that the property developer was the son of Pete the Jakey, and hence, the pub was not demolished. Instead, the pub was renamed “Jenny’s”, in honour of Jenny Turnbull, the mother of the property developer.

Who plays manky Frankie in Still Game?

Stevie Allen
“Still Game” Brief (TV Episode 2003) – Stevie Allen as Manky Frankie Riley – IMDb.

Why did Still Game stop in 2007?

Still Game premiered in 2002 and game to an end in 2007 after actor Ford Kieran and Greg Hemphill fell out.

Who plays Isla in Still Game?

Jane McCarry
Jane McCarry (born 1970) is a Scottish actress, teacher and acting coach. She is best known for her roles as Isa Drennan in the BBC Scotland sitcom Still Game (2002–2007, 2016–2019), and as Granny Murray in the children’s show Me Too!

Why is Maryhill called Maryhill?

Mary Hill (1730-1809) was an heiress after whom the town of Maryhill, now a district of Glasgow, was named. Mary inherited the Gairbraid Estate from her father, Hew Hill, who had no surviving male heirs. In 1763, she married Robert Graham.

Is Osprey Heights a real place?

The block of flats which was used to film Osprey Heights can be found at Collina Street in the Maryhill area of Glasgow. The shops featured in the series can be found in the Townhead area of Glasgow.