What ports does Microsoft Azure use?

What ports does Microsoft Azure use?

What ports does Microsoft Azure use?

Table 1 – Azure AD Connect and On-premises AD

Protocol Ports
SMB 445 (TCP)
RPC 49152- 65535 (Random high RPC Port) (TCP)

What port is active directory on?

Active Directory

Client Ports Server Port Protocol
1024-65535/TCP 1723/TCP PPTP

What protocol does Azure Service Bus use?

AMQP 1.0
Azure Service Bus’ primary protocol is AMQP 1.0 and it can be used from any AMQP 1.0 compliant protocol client. Several open-source AMQP clients have samples that explicitly demonstrate Service Bus interoperability.

Is Azure Service Bus a message broker?

Azure Service Bus is a fully managed multi-tenant cloud messaging service (MAAS). It is brokered messaging system. Applications and services can communicate with each other using messages via Service Bus.

What is port in Azure?

You open a port, or create an endpoint, to a virtual machine (VM) in Azure by creating a network filter on a subnet or a VM network interface. You place these filters, which control both inbound and outbound traffic, on a network security group attached to the resource that receives the traffic.

What ports need to be open for Active Directory authentication?

Active Directory Authentication Ports

  • UDP port 389 : LDAP.
  • TCP port 53 : DNS.
  • TCP, UDP port 88 : Kerberos.
  • TCP, UDP port 445 : SMB over IP.

What port is Windows authentication?

Integrated Windows Authentication uses kerberos authentication using port 88 (GSSAPI’s).

How do I connect to Azure Service Bus?

In order to connect to Azure Service Bus go to Azure portal, open the Service Bus namespace you want, then go to: Settings -> Shared access policies -> RootManageSharedAccessKey -> Primary connection string.

How do I enable port 5671?

In case port 5671 is blocked, you can easily switch to “AMQP Over WebSocket”. To enable the option in Cerebrata you should navigate to Top Main Menu > Help > Settings > Service Bus Settings > General Settings > Check the Use AMQP over WebSocket checkbox and click Save.