What order should you read Poirot?

What order should you read Poirot?

What order should you read Poirot?

Otherwise, it’s possible to read the Poirot books in any order – but we suggest the following:

  1.  The Mysterious Affair at Styles 1920.
  2.  Murder on the Links 1923.
  3.  Christmas Adventure (short story) 1923.
  4.  Poirot Investigates (short stories) 1924.
  5.  Poirot’s Early Cases (short stories) 1974.

Which Poirot story is the best?

Here are 10 of the books that best represent Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Agatha Christie.
  • The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Agatha Christie.
  • Peril at End House. Agatha Christie.
  • The ABC Murders. Agatha Christie.
  • Death on the Nile.
  • Evil under the Sun.
  • Five Little Pigs.
  • Mrs.

Who is Poirot’s love interest?

Countess Vera Rossakoff
Countess Vera Rossakoff is the only woman with whom Hercule Poirot has ever admitted to being in love. The countess’ true name is a mystery.

Are the Poirot books connected?

Marilyn Doolittle The books are not linked, so you won’t miss any backstory or context, but if you don’t read all of the Hercule Poirot series, your life will be less rich. 🙂 Stephen Franks No. All her books are stand-alone stories.

Should I read Agatha Christie in order?

Almost all of Agatha Christie’s books are standalone, and can be read in any order. As you have noticed, some books do have minor references to earlier ones, but nothing major. If you are very averse to even the slightest spoilers, then you should read in publication order.

Who does Hastings marry in Poirot?

Dulcie Duveen
Dulcie Duveen, also known as Cinderella, is a major protagonist of Agatha Christie’s 1923 Hercule Poirot novel, The Murder on the Links. She is a stage actress and Bella Duveen’s twin sister, as well as the love interest and later wife of Captain Arthur Hastings.