What movies are referenced in Disaster Movie?

What movies are referenced in Disaster Movie?

What movies are referenced in Disaster Movie?

The purported fun in “Disaster Movie” is in the relentless mashing up of pop-culture references: In the first few minutes, the film gropes dazedly for “Armageddon,” “10,000 B.C.,” “American Gladiators,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and Amy Winehouse.

Who is the pregnant girl in Disaster Movie?

Crista Flanagan
Crista Flanagan: Juney, Hannah Montana.

What movies do they make fun of in Disaster Movie?

For example, Disaster Movie had parodies of Juno, Hannah Montana, Iron Man, Sex and the City,The Incredible Hulk, Kung Fu Panda, Hellboy, The Dark Knight, Hancock, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Superbad, High School Musical, The Simpsons Movie, The Love Guru, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Enchanted.

Who played Michael Jackson in disaster?

Christopher Johnson
Disaster Movie (2008) – Christopher Johnson as Michael Jackson Look-A-Like – IMDb.

What movie is The Disaster Artist based off of?

The Room
In 2013, a man named Greg Sestero published The Disaster Artist, a memoir detailing his time starring in a film has been widely called “the Citzen Kane of bad movies.” The Room, written by, directed by and starring Tommy Wiseau (yes—he did juggle all those hats), quickly became a cult classic based on its bizarre/hard- …

Was Will Smith in the movie disaster?

Independence Day is a 1996 American science fiction disaster film co-written and directed by Roland Emmerich. The film stars Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell, Judd Hirsch, Margaret Colin, Randy Quaid, Robert Loggia, James Rebhorn, Vivica A. Fox, and Harry Connick, Jr.

Where was Disaster Movie filmed?

state of Louisiana
Filming. Filming took place in the state of Louisiana from April 28 to June 6. Oscar-nominated production designer William Elliott (who has done production design on the duo films since Date Movie), did the production design for the sets.

Who played Hancock in Disaster Movie?

Walter Harris
Disaster Movie (2008) – Walter Harris as Hancock – IMDb.

Is Disaster Movie The Worst Movie Ever?

Packed with crude and unsubtle “jokes”, Disaster Movie has been frequently described as “the worst movie of all time”. Alongside six nominations at the 2009 Razzie Awards, the picture actually won the “Worst Movie of the Year” award at the 2008 Golden Schmoes.

Was Michael Jackson actually in scary movie?

Film. so that Did Michael Jackson like scary movies?…Edward Moss.

Michael Jackson
Occupation Entertainer
Appeared in Scary Movie 3 Scary Movie 4
Family N/A
Current Status Deceased

Why is Tommy Wiseau rich?

He eventually purchased and rented out large retail spaces in and around San Francisco and Los Angeles, making him independently wealthy.