What major city is Barstow California near?

What major city is Barstow California near?

What major city is Barstow California near?

Barstow is a city in San Bernardino County which has a population of 21,000. It is located 55 miles from San Bernardino and is a major transportation center for the Inland Empire Metropolitan Area. The Union Pacific Railroad runs through town on the main line to Daggett, Salt Lake City, and then to Chicago.

Why is Barstow California Famous?

It became a busy rail center and a jumping off place for immigrants entering the state on US Route 66, as made famous by John Steinbeck’s novel “The Grapes of Wrath.” Modern and historic facilities are still available along Barstow’s Main Street, the original Route 66.

Which country zip code is 92311?

ZIP Code 92311

Post Office City: Barstow, CA (View All Cities)
County: San Bernardino County
Timezone: Pacific (5:27am)
Area code: 760 (Area Code Map)
Coordinates: 35, -117 ZIP (~70 mile radius)

What city is before Barstow?

Cities near Barstow

115 miles: Los Angeles
117 miles: Burbank (California)
118 miles: Temecula
59 miles: Big Bear Lake
121 miles: Studio City

What’s Barstow zip code?

Barstow/Zip codes

What is Barstow area code?

Area code 760Barstow / Area code

Is Barstow poor?

The poverty rate in Barstow is 36.4%. One out of every 2.7 residents of Barstow lives in poverty. How many people in Barstow, California live in poverty? 8,496 of 23,319 Barstow residents reported income levels below the poverty line in the last year.

How much does it cost to live in Barstow?

Barstow cost of living is 87.4

COST OF LIVING Barstow California
Health 86.9 92.4
Housing 59.6 239.1
Median Home Cost $195,800 $684,800
Utilities 115.9 102.4

Is Barstow considered Inland Empire?

Barstow is a city in San Bernardino County, California, in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. Located in the Inland Empire region of California, the population was 25,415 at the 2020 census. Barstow is an important crossroads for the Inland Empire and home to Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow.