What is Yemshe festival?

What is Yemshe festival?

What is Yemshe festival?

Yemshe is the festival of welcoming the new harvest and blessing. All the Pochuries, young and old, rich and poor, celebrate this festival with great pomp and gaiety anticipating a good harvest which they deserve after a year ‘shard labor under scorching sun and merciless rain.

What is the famous festival of Nagaland?

Hornbill Festival
Nagas of Nagaland, India rehearsing their traditional dance during the Hornbill Festival
Official name Hornbill Festival
Observed by Nagas
Type Cultural Information

What are the 6 festivals of Nagaland?

Popular Fairs & Festivals in Nagaland

  • The Hornbill Festival.
  • Ngada Festival.
  • Hega Festival.
  • Mim Kut Festival.
  • Bushu Festival.
  • Tsukhenye Festival.
  • Sukrenye Festival.
  • Yemshe Festival.

How many festivals are there in Nagaland?

List of Festivals of Nagaland

Festival Tribe Significance
Thuni Chakhesang Post-harvest festival
Poang Lüm Chang Premier festival of the Chang Nagas
Sükrünye Chakhesang Main Festival of Chakhesang Tribe. Boys and girls are sanctified through religious ceremonies and rituals.
Tsungkamneo Yimchunger

Why is Moatsu celebrated?

The Moatsu is a festival celeberated by Ao People of Nagaland. This is a festival of community bonding celebrated in May for 3 days. As a celebration, the villagers express their friendship for each other by exchanging gifts, making new friends, feasting, bon fire etc.

Why is the festival of Metemneo important for newborns?

Why is the festival of Metemmeo important for new born babies? The Yimchunger believed that every man had six souls and every women five souls. Hence this festival was celebrated to give new born babies souls.

Why is Nagaland called the land of festivals?

Nagaland is aptly called the “Land of Festivals” since its people enjoy celebrating life in all its different aspects. Each month is marked by a festival organised by its various tribes. The Angami tribals celebrate Sekrenyi in the month of February. It normally falls on the 25th day of the Angami month of Kezei.

Why is Moatsu festival celebrated in Nagaland?

Is Moatsu a religious festival of the Nagas?

Moatsü is a festival celebrated by the Ao people of Nagaland, India. it is celebrated in the first week of May every year. Various rituals are performed during this period. The Aos observe Moatsü Mong after the sowing is done.

Which Naga tribe celebrate the festival of Metemneo?

The Metemneo festival is an agricultural festival celebrated by the people of the Yimchungers tribe in Nagaland. The festival, which lasts for five days, is celebrated after harvesting the millet crop in the region and is a time of great fun and enjoyment.