What is whistle blowing in aviation?

What is whistle blowing in aviation?

What is whistle blowing in aviation?

Whistleblowing is defined as an employee making a formal or public complaint about a company’s misconduct in order to bring attention to the company’s wrongdoing.

What is the whistle blower protection program and how does it protect airline employees what statute enacted the program?

The Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century ( AIR21 ) prohibits discrimination against air carrier industry employees who report information related to air carrier safety.

How do I report a pilot to the FAA?

Your report may be submitted via:

  1. FAA Hotline Web Form.
  2. Mail: Federal Aviation Administration. Office of Audit and Evaluation. 800 Independence Avenue, S.W. Washington, D.C. 20591. Attn: AAE-300, Room 911.

Can you report a pilot?

The reality is that nonreporting can put people at risk. Many don’t realize that there are actions the FAA can take if risky pilot behavior is reported. The FAA has established a hotline for confidential and anonymous reporting.

What does Air21 stand for?

Air21, named through its slogan “Your Low-Cost Carrier and Low-Cost Airline for the Twenty-First Century”, was founded by David Miller in January 1994. Miller, a management pilot and executive, partnered with David J. VanderLugt, treasurer of a small startup airline in Visalia, California.

What does Arbaugh mean under air 21?

The ARB declined to construe ” Arbaugh, as applied to AIR 21, to mean that an employer waives the right to argue to the ALJ after an evidentiary hearing that the complainant did not sufficiently prove an essential element of his claim….”

Does Air21 protect information about security?

However, the ARB agreed with the ALJ that, although AIR21 protects providing information about “security” even though security is not specifically mentioned in the status, the security concerns expressed by Complainant during a meeting with management officials did not constitute protected activity in this case.

Is Air21 unconstitutional?

In Rougas v. Southeast Airlines, Inc., ARB No. 04-139, ALJ No. 2004-AIR-3 (ARB July 31, 2006), PDF | HTM the ARB declined to consider the Complainant’s argument that AIR21 is unconstitutional because it does not provide a statutory right to a jury trial. The ARB declined to consider the issue because it had not been raised before the ALJ.