What is the strongest mech in Super Mecha Champions?

What is the strongest mech in Super Mecha Champions?

What is the strongest mech in Super Mecha Champions?

It’s none other than Neutron Star. Neutron Star happens to be the definition of “Short n Terrifying” in Super Mecha Champions. It’s very high attack speed is how it tears apart opponents very quickly.

What is the best mech in Battletech?

Mechwarrior 5: 10 Best Mechs, Ranked

  • 8 Stalker.
  • 7 Kintaro.
  • 6 Blackjack.
  • 5 Orion.
  • 4 Raven.
  • 3 Spider.
  • 2 Shadow Hawk.
  • 1 Annihilator.

Is Super Mecha Champions Battle Royale?

SUPER MECHA CHAMPIONS is a Battle Royale Game with Mechas — GeekTyrant. Super Mecha Champions is a mecha battle royale game for iOS and Android.

How many BattleMechs are there?

The numbers include all operational (and in many cases probably semi-operational) BattleMechs within Inner Sphere and near Periphery in 3025.

Is Super Mecha Champions banned?

Apart from PUBG the government has also banned 26 other games which include Cyber Hunter, Cyber Hunter Lite, Knives Out-No rules, just fight!, Super Mecha Champions, LifeAfter, Dawn of Isles, Ludo World-Ludo Superstar and more.

Is the firestarter a good mech?

Thanks to its high number of available weapon hardpoints and good free tonnage for a light ‘mech (16.5), the Firestarter is a very versatile combat machine.

How popular is Super Mecha Champions?

Super Mecha Champions

Month Avg. Players % Gain
Last 30 Days 403.8 -4.37%
May 2022 422.3 -4.08%
April 2022 440.3 +4.09%
March 2022 423.0 -1.74%

Can you play SMC on PC?

Good news to all SMC fans, the PC version of Super Mecha Champions is finally out and it features stunning high definition (HD) graphics unlike the mobile version and the emulator.

How big is a lance in Battletech?

The lance is the smallest organizational unit, equivalent to an infantry platoon. A ‘Mech lance consists of four separate BattleMechs (although occasionally a “light lance” consists of only three ‘Mechs) and are categorized based upon the average weight of the ‘Mechs that comprise it (Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault).

Does Battletech have clan mechs?

The Battletech: Clan Invasion box set includes five iconic OmniMechs: the Timber Wolf, Executioner, Nova, Adder, and Mongrel.

How many players does Super Mecha champions have?

Super Mecha Champions

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
October 2021 633.8 1,344
September 2021 685.1 1,290
August 2021 810.7 1,403
July 2021 731.0 1,344