What is the role of Pakistan custom or custom house?

What is the role of Pakistan custom or custom house?

What is the role of Pakistan custom or custom house?

Pakistan Customs (پاکستان کسٹمز) is one of the elite cadres of the Civil Services of Pakistan. It is serving as the guardian of Pakistan’s borders against movement of contraband goods and encourage bona-fide trade. It provided a major source of revenue to the Government of Pakistan in the form of taxes levied.

Who is custom officer in Pakistan?

umar khaliq – Customs Officer – Pakistan Customs | LinkedIn.

Who is DG custom?

Ms. Suraiya Ahmed Butt (Pakistan Customs Service/BS-21) Chief Collector of Customs, Appraisement (South), Karachi has been given assignment as Director General, Directorate General of Training & Research (Customs), Karachi.

Does Pakistan have customs?

Pakistan Customs is tasked with ensuring that following tasks are performed in the legal prescribed manner: Import & Export of legitimate cargo. Trade Facilitation. Trade Regulator.

What is the salary of custom inspector in Pakistan?

Salary range for the majority of workers in Customs and border inspectors – from PK 22,261 to PK 130,668 per month – 2022. A Customs and border inspectors typically earns between PK 22,261 and PK 50,971 net per month at the start of the job.

Who is the head of Customs in Pakistan?

Muhammad Tahir – Director
Muhammad Tahir – Director – Pakistan Customs | LinkedIn.

What is the salary of a customs officer?

On average, a customs officer earns N75,000 as a monthly salary and about N900,000 per annum. Usually, pay depends on the level of service and education.

What are custom charges in Pakistan?

*Additional Sales Tax is not present in the above image, but as per Sales Tax Act of Pakistan, this is 3% for all items. Now let us dive into the calculation of Customs Duty….Step 2: Know your Duty Structure!

Customs Duty 20%
Regulatory Duty 10%
Sales Tax 17%
Additional Sales Tax * 3%
Income Tax 12%

How can I become a customs officer in Pakistan?

Eligibility Criteria for Inspector Customs / Intelligence Officer (BS-16): Bachelors Degree from a recognized university with Economics / Commerce / Statistics / Accounting / Computer Sciences / Law / Pharmacy / Chemistry or Physics from a University recognized by HEC is required to apply.

How do I become a customs inspector?

In order to become a Customs Officer, the aspirants will have to appear for the Civil Services Examination. It is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. This Entrance Exam provides entry into 27 different services which includes the Indian Customs & Central Excise Services.

What is the lowest rank in custom?

Lowest rank officer’s salary is usually about 40,000 per month. From what we wrote above, you can now see that the inspectors which is the lowest ranks have the lowest salary, while the Director-General of Nigeria Customs Service which is the highest rank earns the highest salary.

What education is required for customs officer?

bachelor degree
Candidates who have earned their bachelor degree from a recognised institution are qualified to apply for the role. A qualified degree must be earned in any channel with a minimum of 55 percent marks. Only those above the age of 21 are entitled to apply for the position.