What is the role of Hansard?

What is the role of Hansard?

What is the role of Hansard?

The principal function of Hansard reporters is to prepare edited transcripts of parliamentary debates. In addition, the department provides transcripts of evidence given before parliamentary committees.

What is Hansard named after?

Hansard is the traditional name of the transcripts of Parliamentary debates in Britain and many Commonwealth countries. It is named after Thomas Curson Hansard (1776–1833), a London printer and publisher, who was the first official printer to the Parliament at Westminster.

How many MPS are there in Kenya?

It has a total of 349 seats: 290 elected from the constituencies, 47 women elected from the counties and 12 nominated representatives.

Who is the speaker of parliament of Kenya?

Ekwee EthuroKenya / SpeakerEkwee David Ethuro is a Kenyan politician. He was elected as the first Speaker of the modern Kenyan Senate on 28 March 2013. From 1998 to 2013 he served as a Member of Parliament representing Turkana Central. Wikipedia

Who started Hansard?

One newsletter writer, John Dyer (1653/4–1713), was the first in a long line of editors, publishers, printers and reporters to be brought to the Bar of the House.

What is Hansard in government?

Hansard is an edited verbatim record of what was said in Parliament. It also includes records of votes and written ministerial statements. The report is published daily covering the preceding day, and is followed by a bound final version.

Who is current deputy speaker of National Assembly?

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan
Incumbent Zahid Akram Durrani since 21 April 2022
National Assembly of Pakistan
Member of National Assembly of Pakistan
Seat Islamabad

Who is the speaker of the Senate in Kenya 2021?

Senate of Kenya

The Senate
Speaker Ken Lusaka, Jubilee since 31 August 2017
Deputy Speaker Margaret Kamar, Jubilee since 11 May 2020
Majority Leader Samuel Poghisio, KANU since 11 May 2020