What is the rarest frog in Pocket Frogs?

What is the rarest frog in Pocket Frogs?

What is the rarest frog in Pocket Frogs?


  • Rarity. 8 (Rare)
  • POP Frog. No; it can be found in pond, minigames, and FrogMart.
  • Value. 1,680 – 2,513.
  • Growth Time. 1d, 4h.
  • Delivery Time. 1d, 4h.
  • Flies To Tame.
  • XP For Taming. 168 – 251.
  • Previous Species. Geminus.

How do you get rich on Pocket Frogs?

Coins can be earned by:

  1. Receiving coins for a Daily Gift (the amount varies)
  2. Selling frogs (maturity and happiness determine the amount of coins gained.
  3. Selling scenery (the quality determines the amount of coins earned)
  4. Finding pond presents (the higher level the player is, the more coins will be earned.

Does Pocket Frogs require WIFI?

There are over 4,000 color and pattern combinations in the Froggydex. It has in-app purchases but does not require data or a wifi connection to play. Pocket Frogs was given an E 10+ rating due to infrequent or mild mature/suggestive themes.

What is the highest level of Pocket Frogs?

The maximum level is 255. Breeding frogs, taming frogs, and completing Award challenges earns XP. Each time a player levels up, stamps and potions equal to the player’s level, and 500 more coins than for the previous level are given.

What colors are worth the most in Pocket Frogs?

The most valuable frogs are listed at the top, and the ones with the lowest values are listed at the bottom….Anura Max Values.

Frog Breed Max Value
Golden Albeo Anura 52
Golden Floris Anura 52
Maroon Tingo Anura 52
Maroon Caelus Anura 52

How do you beat Pocket Frogs?

Frogs mature faster by taking them to the pond to eat flies or using potions on them. Frogs with enough scenery combined with other frogs in their habitat will slowly reach 100% happiness. Frogs also increase their happiness by eating flies in the pond, playing the puzzle game, or using potions on them.

How many habitats can you have on Pocket Frogs?

The maximum number of habitats is 65 including the Nursery. Scenery and backgrounds found in gifts or purchased from the Supply Shop appear in the mailbox.