What is the protagonist name the contender?

What is the protagonist name the contender?

What is the protagonist name the contender?

Alfred Brooks Alfred, the protagonist, is the most dynamic character in the book.

Who is Jelly Belly in the Contender?

Dr. Corey A dentist whose office is in the same building as the gym, Dr. Corey makes Alfred’s first mouthpiece, a significant rite of passage for the aspiring boxer. Jelly Belly The rotund Jelly’s real name is Horace Marshall Davenport, Jr.

Who is the antagonist in the Contender book?

Major is the antagonist of the novel. He represents the cynical, repressive, manipulative side of Harlem that Alfred initially fights to escape and ultimately learns to overcome.

What is Alfred’s personality in the Contender?

Alfred is a very real, dynamic character. He has flaws—almost fatal ones—and sometimes acts in ways that can make us cringe. He is unfailingly human, which is ultimately why his character is so compelling.

Who is Alfred Brooks?

Alfred Brooks was a geologist who traveled thousands of miles in Alaska and left his name on the state’s northernmost mountain range. Twenty years before his death in 1924, he also left behind a summary of what Alaska was like one century ago, when “large areas (were) still practically unexplored.”

Who is Aunt Dorothy in The Contender?

Character Analysis Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Wilson Pearl’s sister and her family live in the suburban community of Jamaica in the borough of Queens. They represent the flight of the black middle class from Harlem after World War II.

Who is Lightning Lou EPP?

Epstein is “Lightning Lou Epp,” an old boxer that Bud and some of the others talked about. Epstein tells Alfred to give it up and says that these days one cannot make a living being a boxer anymore—that in effect, the sport has been ruined.

What is the main conflict of the contender?

Antagonist. The struggle of growing up and making the right decisions is Alfred’s major antagonist. Life is made more difficult for him by Major, who tries to tempt black youth into illegal activities. Although Major persuades James to permanently join him, Alfred resists his temptations after a couple of outings.

Why did Mr Donatelli stop Willie’s fight?

Later, Jelly Belly says that Streeter cannot go all the way now, because he “showed some dog.” Spoon agrees and explains that all Willie could concentrate on was his hurt eye and that he left himself open to get hurt elsewhere, which is why Donatelli stopped the fight.

What did Uncle Wilson always ask Alfred?

During dinner, Wilson asks Alfred if there is much opportunity for advancement at the store, saying that the world is “opening up for colored people.” Wilson continues to question him about education and trades, and Alfred tunes it out. Alfred’s cousin, Jeff, is in college and is always winning prizes.

What are the differences between Alfred and Jeff?

Alfred and Jeff They are both intelligent, ambitious, and disciplined. Both also have lofty goals. Through much of the book, Jeff wants to go to Africa and make a fortune for himself as a businessman, while Alfred wants to become a champion boxer. Both boys have a change of heart in the course of the novel.

How can Alfred get in the ring to fight?

How can Alfred get into the ring to fight? He can do it by working hard for it. Describe the training schedule Donatelli says Alfred must follow. It is a schedule where Alfred, should exercise each day until he can’t anymore, and eat healthier foods.