What is the problem when laptop is not giving display?

What is the problem when laptop is not giving display?

What is the problem when laptop is not giving display?

Press the “Fn” key and the key with the monitor symbol a couple of time to see if an image appears on the external monitor. If an image appears on the monitor, the problem is with the LCD screen of the monitor. If no image appears on the monitor, either the video card or motherboard in the laptop is probably defective.

How do I fix vertical lines on my Sony Vaio laptop?

Here is a solution for Red/Pink/Blur vertical lines in Sony Vaio Laptop, First of all stut down your laptop, then wait for 30 – 35 seconds, then remove the batteries, then press power button for 15 – 20 seconds, then attach the battery and power your laptop, the vertical lines will gone, you have to repeat this steps …

Why my laptop screen got lines?

Horizontal lines on a computer monitor can be caused by overheating or physical damage to the monitor and connecting cables. Conflicts between the screen and selected screen resolution and refresh rate settings can also cause line problems, as can out-of-date device drivers and operating systems.

What do I do when my laptop screen has lines?

Right-click on the Desktop once Windows loads and choose “Screen Resolution.” Click “Advanced Settings,” “Monitor,” and then lower the refresh rate to see if the lines disappear.

What is assist button on Sony Vaio?

The Assist button launches the VAIO Care™ software which is a simple do-it yourself PC maintenance tool for tune-ups, troubleshooting and system recovery.

What is Boot Key For Sony VAIO?

Make sure the VAIO is shut down completely. Boot the VAIO, and press the F8 button multiple times. The Windows boot menu will show.

How do I fix the pink screen on my Sony laptop?

It might be the graphic drivers have been corrupted. Go to Sony’s site and download the most recent graphic drivers for your laptop model. Uninstall the current drivers, reboot the laptop, then install the drivers you have just downloaded. If that doesn’t fix it, then you have a hardware issue.