What is the prevailing wage rate in Pennsylvania?

What is the prevailing wage rate in Pennsylvania?

What is the prevailing wage rate in Pennsylvania?

Contractor Craft Hourly Rate Total
Laborers (Class 03 – See notes) $24.57 $41.36
Laborers (Class 03 – See notes) $25.22 $42.51
Laborers (Class 04 – See notes) $23.77 $39.56
1 2 3 4

What is the prevailing wage in Philadelphia?

On December 20, 2018, Mayor Jim Kenney signed an ordinance that will raise the minimum wage for all Philadelphia municipal government workers, contractors, and subcontractors from the current rate of $12.20 per hour to $15.00 per hour by 2022.

What is PW rate?

2. Prevailing Wage. Prevailing wage typically refers to the rate of pay that contractors and vendors must offer their employees when doing business with a government agency.

What are fair wages?

A fair wage is a wage that is considered “fair” by the employee. This salary, received in return for individual work performed, will encourage the employee to invest more or less in their daily tasks, but also to keep their current job for longer or less time.

What is prevailing wage rate in LCA?

The prevailing wage rate is defined as the average wage paid to similarly employed workers in the requested occupation in the area of intended employment.

What state has the highest minimum wage per hour?

The 10 States with the Highest Minimum Wage Rates in 2022

  • Maine $12.75 (tie)
  • Arizona $12.80.
  • New Jersey $13 (tie)
  • Connecticut $13 (tie)
  • New York $13.20.
  • 8. California $14.
  • Massachusetts $14.25.
  • Washington $14.49. Washington has been a leading state when it comes to high minimum wages for quite some time.

What is the minimum wage in Pa 2020?

Overall, 30 other states have a higher minimum wage than Pennsylvania, leaving our workers behind with a wage floor of only $7.25. Each of Pennsylvania’s six neighboring states already have minimum wages higher than $7.25 an hour, and several of them are among the 25 states with planned increases for 2022.