What is the plural form of honorarium?

What is the plural form of honorarium?

What is the plural form of honorarium?

noun. hon·​o·​rar·​i·​um | \ ˌä-nə-ˈrer-ē-əm \ plural honoraria\ ˌä-​nə-​ˈrer-​ē-​ə \ also honorariums.

Is the word honorarium singular or plural?

noun, plural hon·o·rar·i·ums, hon·o·rar·i·a [on-uh-rair-ee-uh]. a payment in recognition of acts or professional services for which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set: The mayor was given a modest honorarium for delivering a speech to our club.

What does honoraria stand for?

An honorarium is a token payment made to bestow recognition to an individual for services they perform, for which payment is not required. Typically, an honorarium is issued when custom or propriety forbids a price to be set. Therefore, payment to the recipient is at the discretion of the payer.

What is the difference between honorarium and stipend?

An honorarium differs from a stipend, which is a fixed sum of money paid periodically for services. Reoccurring events that have individuals expecting payment for services would receive a stipend, not an honorarium. Honorarium payments are made payable to the individual who provided the gratuitous service.

What is the singular of papyri?

Especially for German learners the correct declension of the word Papyrus is crucial….Declension Papyrus.

Singular Plural
Dat. dem Papyrus den Papyri
Acc. den Papyrus die Papyri

Do honorariums count as income?

An honorarium payment should be infrequent in nature and rarely exceed $500 to a single payee in a calendar year. Most payments that are labeled honorariums do not meet the above definition. They are in fact employment income or contractual fee-for-service payments.

How do you use the word honorarium in a sentence?

Honorarium sentence example A deputy receives an annual honorarium of 4000 francs and a railway pass. Training will be given and an annual honorarium of £ 50.00 will be paid. The Chairs of the resources and the standards committees are paid a small monthly honorarium .

Are honorariums taxable CRA?

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations state that all honoraria payments are considered taxable income under the Income Tax Act of Canada and subject to a T4A slip being issued at each calendar year-end.

What’s another term for honorarium?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for honorarium, like: token of appreciation (or esteem), reward, compensation, plum, gratuity, prize, complimentary fee, payment, return, tip and accolade.

Is honorarium a salary?

As per settled legal position, “honorarium” is not salary.

What is papyrus plural?

noun. pa·​py·​rus | \ pə-ˈpī-rəs \ plural papyri\ pə-​ˈpī-​(ˌ)rē , -​rī \ or papyruses.