What is the movie Results about?

What is the movie Results about?

What is the movie Results about?

A wealthy, but miserable, slob tries to improve his life and soon becomes inextricably entangled with a self-styled guru/gym owner and acerbic personal trainer.Results / Film synopsis

Why is results rated R?

Scenes of characters fooling around include amorous noises and expressions, but no graphic nudity. But there is a fair amount of swearing (“f–k,” “s–t,” and more) and drinking, and some of the main characters like to smoke pot.

Where was the result filmed?

Austin, Texas
Filming took place in Austin, Texas in the summer of 2014.

Who plays the drama teacher in community?

Sean Garrity

Portrayed by: KEVIN CORRIGAN
First appearance: “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design”
Last appearance: “Introduction to Teaching”
Department: DRAMA

Is Star Wars a PG?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has officially received the MPAA rating that makes 12-year olds feel cool when they go to the theater: PG-13. It’s the second Star Wars film to receive a PG-13 rating after Revenge of the Sith, though to be fair PG-13 didn’t exist until 1984.

How old is Annie in the first season of Community?

In season 2 her birth year is stated to be 1990 and in s6e3 (Basic Crisis Room Decorum) her birthday is clearly established to be December 19, 1990. So early in season 1 she would be 19 years old and by the series finale she would be 24 going on 25.

How old is Troy in Community?

Troy Barnes At the start of Community, it was believed that Troy was also 18 since he and Annie graduated high school together. During his sophomore year in season 2, he learned that he was actually turning 21 years old, meaning that he was 19 when he started college.