What is the meaning of Mesonotum?

What is the meaning of Mesonotum?

What is the meaning of Mesonotum?

Definition of mesonotum : the dorsal portion of the mesothoracic integument of insects.

What do you mean by Sclerites?

Definition of sclerite : a hard chitinous or calcareous plate, piece, or spicule (as of the arthropod integument)

Where is the episternum?

The episternum is divided by the anapleural suture into a dorsal and a ventral sclerite. The first one is called anepisternum or dorsal episternum and is placed between the anterior spiracle and the insertion of wing.

What is scutum in insect?

The scutum is the largest dorsal sclerite of the notum and is bounded posteriorly by the scutoscutellar suture, which divides the notum into the scutum and scutellum. The scutellum is generally smaller than the scutum. In Heteroptera it is a small triangular sclerite between the bases of the hemelytra.

What are the functions of sclerites and sutures?

Sclerites and Sutures of Head The head capsule is formed by the union of number of sclerites or cuticular plates or areas which are joined together by means of cuticular lines or ridges known as Sutures. These sutures provide mechanical support to the cranial wall.

What are tergites and Sternites?

Tergite: It is a sclerite (plates that form exoskeleton) present on dorsal side of an abdominal segment in an arthropod. Sternite: It is a chitinous plate present on the dorsal side of an abdominal segment in an arthropod.

What is tergum and sternum?

Tergum is the covering each segment of the cockroach on the dorsal side. Sternum: The sternum is the covering of each segment of the cockroach on the ventral side.

How many sternums are there in the human body?

Shaped roughly like a necktie, it is one of the largest and longest flat bones of the body. Its three regions are the manubrium, the body, and the xiphoid process. The word “sternum” originates from the Ancient Greek στέρνον (stérnon), meaning “chest”….

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How did Scutum get its name?

Its name is Latin for shield, and it was originally named Scutum Sobiescianum by Johannes Hevelius in 1684. It lies entirely in the southern celestial hemisphere and its four brightest stars form a narrow diamond shape. It is one of the 88 IAU designated constellations defined in 1922.

Where is the scutellum?

scutellum The tissue in a grass seed that lies between the embryo and the endosperm. It is the modified cotyledon of grasses, being specialized for the digestion and absorption of the endosperm.

How many sclerites are present in insect head?

Insect head is a Anterior most part of insect body it is hard and highly sclerotized compact structure which consisting of six segments that are fused to form a head capsule.

What is the function of tergum?

They articulate with the back (tergum) and sides (pleura) of the thoracic segments via the axillae: complex, three-dimensional mechanisms of stiff and compliant cuticle through which the muscular forces of the thorax are transmitted to the wings and which control the relative movements of the wings’ basal components.