What is the golden rule of concert etiquette?

What is the golden rule of concert etiquette?

What is the golden rule of concert etiquette?

Please read on, and remember, part of one’s pact as an audience member is to take seriously the pleasure of others, a responsibility fulfilled by quietly attentive (or silently inattentive) and self contained behavior. After all, you can beas demonstrative as you want during bows and curtain calls. 1.

How do you teach concert etiquette?

Strategies at the Concert

  1. Please turn off or silence all electronic devices.
  2. Please stay seated during the performance of a song or group.
  3. If you need to exit during the concert, please do so at the end of a song.
  4. If you need to have a conversation with someone, please feel free to do so outside in the lobby.

What is the correct policy on talking during a concert performance?

Stay Quiet This is the most important rule in concert etiquette. As best you can, avoid talking, whispering, whistling, singing along or humming to the music while the concert is ongoing so as not to distract other people.

Should you bring a jacket to a concert?

With their big crowds, concerts can get pretty warm. It’s a good idea to ditch the layers so you can stay cool — it’ll also keep you comfy while you’re dancing! A denim or leather jacket are great looks for concerts but can become bulky and warm when you’re in a crowd. It’s also one less thing you’ll have to carry.

When should you clap at a concert?

At most other kinds of concerts, people clap whenever the music stops, but in classical music you wait to clap until the very end of a piece.

Are you supposed to clap between movements?

If it makes you feel, you should clap.” Today’s conductors and performers are largely not opposed to applause between movements, though they make distinctions between obligatory clapping and real, spontaneous audience reaction. “If it feels forced or obligatory, then I mind,” Alsop said.