What is the fastest time up Mt Washington?

What is the fastest time up Mt Washington?

What is the fastest time up Mt Washington?

5 minutes, 28.67 seconds
The current record is 5 minutes, 28.67 seconds, set in 2021 by Travis Pastrana driving a Subaru WRX STI; this broke his previous record of 5 minutes, 44.72 seconds set in 2017. The prior record holder was David Higgins of the Isle of Man, also driving a WRX STI, with a time of 6 minutes, 9.09 seconds set in 2014.

How fast did Travis Pastrana go up Mount Washington?

5 minutes and 28.67 seconds
Around 2,500 spectators watched as history was made when Pastrana blasted his 2017 speed record, making his way up the steep, windy Mt. Washington Auto Road with a jaw dropping time of 5 minutes and 28.67 seconds.

Who owns Mt. Washington Auto Road?

Pinkham Notch, NH-Half a century since the last Glen House stood on this site, the family-owned Mount Washington Summit Road Company (MWSRC) which has owned and operated the Mt. Washington Auto Road since 1906, intends to have the fifth iteration of the hotel open by May 2018.

Who owns Mt Washington NH?

Marshfield Inc. eventually merged with the Railway which survived the merger and now holds all of the rail- related interests. Many years later, Dartmouth College transferred the 8-acre “out parcel” to the State, solidifying the State as the fee owner of almost all of the Mount Washington Summit. Today, N.H.

How many miles is the Mt Washington hill climb?

7.6 mile
Climb to the Clouds — August 13, 14 & 15, 2021 The field of 80 cars leave the starting line one minute apart from each other to tackle the 7.6 mile Auto Road. The Auto Road is the oldest man-made attraction in the United States, and is driven by approximately 50k recreational vehicles each year.

How old is Mt. Washington?

Mount Washington, or “Old Mount,” was a 178-foot-long wooden side-wheeler steamship. Launched in 1872 by the Boston & Maine Railroad, she ferried both people and cargo across Lake Winnipesaukee. By the end of the 19th century, she boarded more than 60,000 people a year.